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jennifer_cro | 20:42 Sat 19th Aug 2006 | Shopping
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I'm not sure if this is the right section.......

Does anyone know of any ingenious storage solutions for jewellery? I'm fed up with untangling my neclaces etc - any ideas welcome.



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You can buy little cabinets where you hang your jewelery from little hooks. You could always use a mug tree & hang them from that. If you get a wooden one you could paint it any colour.
I've got a plastic box with sections in,
ideal for storing chains, I bought it in a craft shop
An earring `mushroom` is essential if, like me, you have lots of dangly ones. Craft boxes with lots of compartments are good for more delicate necklaces I find. If I had more room on my dressing table I`d have the mug-tree for heavier necklaces, but alas, not practical at present.
for my necklaces i have little nails in the wall and they all dangle down separately, my mirror is above that, and above that i have a fabric belt draped across with my earrings hanging from - a ribbon works the same!

cheap to do and makes your bedroom pretty!
I have the very same problem with untangling necklaces!! i bought some stands that are a womans body (minus the head) and they are dressed in a variety of clothing from black ball dresses with sequins to seventies classic looks, they have a 'tree' type shape thing coming out of the top ideal for hangingnecklaces, bangles, watches, rings and dangly earrings from! i have three of them and they hardly take up any room and look pretty!

I realise this would be so much more help if i knew a name but i can't find the box they came in! i will search and find it!
in topshop you can get a hand that stands so you can place your necklaces on the seperate fingers! its really good i've got one in black.
I keep some of mine stored in small plastic sandwich bags. If you keep the clasps fastened , they don't tangle. Not the prettiest solution, but you can easily see which necklace is which, it doesn't take up much room and isn't expensive. Works for me.
Hi try this new website -
I've just purchased a "swag-bag" for my daughter for Christmas. Fantastic for organising necklaces, bangles, earings, and so much more. Just hang it on a door where you can see all your things tangle free!

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