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KebabMeister | 16:47 Sat 19th Aug 2006 | Shopping & Style
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I thought it would be rather amusing to try and get hold of some old Littlewoods/Marshall Ward/Grattan etc., shopping catalogues from the late 70s/early 80s. Seeing the change in fashion, technology and those toys I always wanted would be a real nostalgia trip. Anyway, anyone know where I can get hold of them easily? I did see a Grattan one on Ebay but it's nearly �50!!


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Old catalogues tend to command high prices but �50 is rather than higher than usual.

Give Ken Graham a ring. He's usually got plenty of these catalogues among his stock. His prices aren't that cheap but you should be quoted a figure well below that eBay price:

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Cheers Chris, I'll have a look see. The autumn/winter catalogues were the better ones :)

I kept a load of these for years, until my Dad chucked them away - b*gg*r!

There were rather amusing, even after 5 years!
Remember Freemans! There was also another one that my mum used to get every year, which you haven't listed. Can anyone remember any other names?

If you like this kind of nostalgia, take a look on the net at old holiday brochures - especially Pontins or Butlins. They will make you smile!
Just remembered the name of my mum's home shopping catalogue - it was John Moores!
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Of course! There was Choice as well, but that wasn't until the very late 80s.

Imagine if you kept all these catalogues and how much they'd be worth!! :)
They were a highlight of my year - the summer edition and the winter edition were welcomed for different reasons. The summer edition featured outdoor toys - like bikes and camping equipment, whilst the winter edition was full of toys for Christmas. I am also a Green Shield Stamp child!
I really need to find a 1990 Freemans Autumn/Winter catalogue as my soon to be wife was a model in there and thought it would be a great surprise to give it to her as she hasn't seen these photograghs for 20 years now. So if anyone knows where i could find one I'm willing to pay for it.... Thanks
I was looking On ebay The other day And came across Old catalogues scans on DVD , I purchased a few of them And I have to admit It was the best money I had an ever spent.
I have a 1939 Littlewoods catalogue, no idea what it's worth. Some of the images are photos but most are drawings. It's fun to look through, it's like looking at a museum.

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Old home shopping catalogues

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