What should I look for in a LCD TV

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Dave-Sandra | 00:52 Sat 06th May 2006 | Shopping & Style
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I am looking into buying a 37" LCD TV and would like your opinions on what I should bear in mind before buying one? Can anyone suggest a good make and what features are worth having? Thanks Dave


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before you buy anything i would suggest you go down to WH Smith and get some of the home cinema mags,Have a realy good read of them a few times.Then get online and compare prices within your range.

I would very strongly advise to go and have alook at your local comet,dixons,currys at the screen you might want to buy,the golden rule is go on your own instinct never mind what those sales advisers tell you.They are only after a sale and couldnt realy care less.

they way foward they say is HDTV so make sure ur screen is hd ready,and also all the connections for future proof etc.

I would say look out for a Sony or samsung or pioneer

these are the best in my view,anymore info wanted just let me know.

It's almost impossible to find an LCD screen now days that does not have at least the minimum hi-def resolution.

The best thing that you can do is look at a load of models running and check out the pictures for yourself.

It's worth trying to find one that has at least 2 HDMI ports if possible as in the next year or two, pretty much everything is going to require one to connect to your tv.
Be warned that with LCD TV's it is possible for individual pixels to burn out. You cannot replace individual pixels and so you will need to replace the full LCD panel.
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Thanks for all the advice. I bought the magazines and have decided to go for the Toshiba 37 WLT 66 which has a good review etc.


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What should I look for in a LCD TV

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