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helliebobs | 13:37 Tue 02nd May 2006 | Shopping
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Has anyone had any problems returning clothes to Debenhams? A work colleague wore a new cardigan on Friday and later that day noticed the seam on the shoulder had started to come away, leaving a big hole. She didn't have the receipt with her but took the top back and was told they wouldn't refund it, exchange or anything because the top was fine when she bought it. When she asked how they knew it wasn't like that in the shop, they insisted they check ALL their products. I've had a quick look on their website and their policy states they will take items back in a 'saleable' condition. So if for example you bought a pair of shoes and on the first wear, the heel came off, Debenhams wouldn't refund you because they'd argue the heel was intact on purchase!! Mt friend wouldn't mind too much but this top cost her �60! It's so ridiculous!

Dot, can you shed any light on this?


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The [person she took it back to was incorrect, she was not returning it because it was unsuitable, shge was returning it because it was faulty, though without seeing it it is hard to confirm that, but a reciept is not necessary if the item is stated as faulty, and even if they query the purchase, they can check the computer in the back office for the iten's barcode and she can tell them the last 4 digits of her card or whether she paid cash and they can confirm when she bought it, then they should either exchange or refund in the original method of payment at the last selling price, which if it is still at it'as full price would be at that amount, also, if it is from one of the concessions, they will try this on to avoid refundes but they have to stick to the host policy.

I sympathise. I have been very frustrated with Debenhams. Every now and again I go to a large Debenhams to shop and sometimes want to return things (don't always have time to try things on with two little ones in tow). My local Debenhams won't refund or exchange them though because they don't have the same concessions. I have had a problem with this even with broken shoes (although to be fair I didn't have my receipt) - I was told my branch didn't stock them (although they were a Debs own make) and so there was nothing they could do, I would need to go back to the larger store. At a 60 mile round trip for a faulty item, I find that frustrating!!

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Thanks for this I will pass on to my mate - apparently it was the superviser who gave her this information!

She's going to go back to the shop and take her card with her this time and I've told her to kick up a proper fuss!!

Debs own bought stock can be exchanged in any debs branch whether they stock that particular line or not. the only things they cannot accept back are concession lines if the concession is not in that particular branch. if you have the reciept and it is within the 28 days and the item is not reduced by 50% or more and it is not used with the original labelling, packaging intact, they will refund as a service, it is not a right but they do advertise they offer this service. Faulty items come under a whole different set of ligislation and practice. Broken shoes should be less than six mionths old and i would normally offer a replacement pair of the same shoe, a repair if it was a minor prob., or if the customer insisted on a refund, i would offer them a percentage of the price on their reciept, to allow for the use they have already had out of them, it's great to pay 56 quid for a pair of shopes and every 6 months decide to take them back and get your money back cos they have a bit of split stitching, one would never need to buy another pair of shoes again.
lol, �65 I meant!
By the way, I work as a concession manager in Debs and we have to follow the host store policy as a priority
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I forgot to add, apparently whoever dealt with my friend offered to ask her boss to repair the top because she was 'quite good at sewing'!!
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Dot, I've told my mate to shop in Wigan in future!!

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