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wolf63 | 00:16 Wed 26th Apr 2006 | Shopping
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I have just made toast with Scottish plain bread. I am fed up cutting the bread in half, but it just is too tall for the toaster. And at the ends of the loaf the bread is far too thick for the toaster.

Has anybody bought a toaster that will keep me happy? I want one that will not require me to take out a bank loan but is of reasonable quality.


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I have a Breville Lightening toaster it was around �35 about 18months ago, it fits Warburtons bread in which in other toasters i always had to turn the bread over. also it adjusts to the width of your bread.

I've given up on toasters and now just use my (gas) grill!
can you not use a toaster that has two slices next to each other in one grill. My toaster takes 4 slices in 2 baskets, so could do 2 slices of taller/wider bread (e.g bllomer slices, farmhouse etc)
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philandlil - this sounds ideal, it is a decent price too. One toaster that I saw was about �150!

spudqueen - grill on cooker died on me. In my time I have also killed 5 toasters (usually set fire to them) and about 3 hoovers (dog/cat hairs). Due to get a new kitchen and appliances in next year.

ugly_bob (from fat susan) - that sounds good, as long as it did both thick bread and long bread.

The easiest way to get a toaster, or small appliance, these days is Argos or on-line. It is not always clear from the description whether the toaster will suit my needs. I can't cook and toast and beans is a speciality (love it with the little sausages) so I need a good toaster. Thanks for all the suggestions - will go browsing tomorrow.


What ever you do, avoid the Frank Bruno Toster - two rounds and it's knackered!!!!!

I thenk yaou!!!

Dualit is the best. Ok its pricey but it lasts FOREVER!!
One of life's mysteries - why Dualit toasters with their ever-so-simple design should cost so much.
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you would think that buying something as essential as a toaster would be simple.

I presume that all the toasters that are 4 slice with two slots will be okay for my long bread.

Now I need one of those which is adjustable for thickness of bread too.

Dualit are not the most expensive of toasters, but considering the one I have just now was about �10 their products are quite dear.

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