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MrPahoehoe | 20:02 Thu 19th Jan 2006 | Shopping & Style
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I bought an X-box joypad on Ebay. However on receipt it didn't work right. I've been in contact with the sellar who agreed to take it back. He was a little bit awkward about it, but it was quite a while ago that I orginally bought it. Now hes recieved it he has sent me an email asking me to confirm that he is not refunding the cost i paid for postage. Is this generally how it works? The thing is that it only cost �2.20 and the postage was �5.50, so if I don't get the postage costs back it would have been cheaper for me to keep it. I'm prepared to do this if this is generally the done thing, but wondered if anyone has advice from similar situations as I can't find it on the Ebay guidelines.



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Sorry to hear you had problems. Its a tough situation, really you should have tried to establish what he was going to refund before you posted it. Still hindsight is a wonderful thing and i'm not sure how much say you are going to have over the matter now.
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How long did you have this item before contacting seller?You must contact the seller straight away if on receipt an item is faulty.Was there any reference on item description as to whether there was a slight problem?Was this a new item or used?

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Thanks for the replies guys. In answer to your questions: I'd had the item for a while as both myself and the sellar were lax in our replies to each other (or rather, I was and he had had problems with his email). The item condition wasn't described: other than to say it was rarely used. But seems that we had a communication problem, the sellar has confirmed that he will refund what i paid for the pad and the postage, he wanted to check that he wouldn't be paying for my return postage costs. Hes been pretty reasonable to be honest, so it seems fine.

Thanks for the advice though!

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