More Products That Will Not Be Stocked By Tesco

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pastafreak | 20:48 Tue 05th Jul 2022 | Shopping & Style
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This time it's pet food supplied by Mars. It includes Whiskas, Dreamies, and a number of other popular items. Again, this is due to Tesco refusing to pass on price increases. I wonder if others will follow suit?

I think we need a seperate "cost of living" sub.


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Pasta - could be a good topic for the Ed to set up - rip-offs to bargains and saving tips.....
I just don't buy Tesco's "we refuse to pass on price increases" reason.
Much more likely that the manufacturers won't agree to Tesco demanding larger discounts from them.
Happens often with supermarkets...a "partner" at Waitrose has said that they often drop lines to force manufacturers to give them bigger discounts.
and probably want to get people to buy their own branded goods. I'll just go elsewhere.
I remember when M&S only sold their own branded groceries. I think they sell a couple of other brands now.
I rarely get my Heinz Tomato Soup at Tesco. Usually go to Farmfoods, Aldi, B&M or Home Bargains.

Get my Pedigree dog food for the hedgehogs outwith Tesco.
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I'm not terribly worried about Tescos move. I only have access to a Tesco metro, and they charge more for the same products than Sainsbury's or wilko...besides, Toby won't eat Whiskas ;)

I do suspect they will push their own brands, though apparently prices of those are up too.
Kitty Kocaine (Dreamies) seems to be addictive. Humans will have to find another supplier.

Going home without them would make living with a furry addict almost impossible.
pasta, chances are Tesco Metros charge more than big Tesco shops too. You're paying for the convenience. (Same goes for big and little Sainsburys etc).
gawd elp us, lets appeal to the starving millions in Africa for aid for cat treats! PMSL!
I don't regard food as a treat and my guess is that cats and their owners also think of it as a necessity.
dreamies jno! Right oh!
Question Author
Well, they are useful when trying to befriend a cat hiding behind the sofa. Don't make fun TTT.
There are other shops besides Tesco. ;)

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More Products That Will Not Be Stocked By Tesco

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