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That's very pretty
00:15 Tue 05th Jul 2022
the second one. Save the first one for wearing at Glastonbury.
That's very pretty
If your not sponsored by New Look or paid as a social media influencor you should ask them
I'm also getting Next popups... must be from wording of your title
if you havent bought them yet, the first one wont get here in time
I'm glad you raised that bobb as I have been a bit miffed that on one of abbeys recent threads about the new brown leopard print mini dress I moaned that New Look ads were all over my AB pages and another poster implied it was either just me or I wasn't even being truthful. Well that dress and several other from New look are still here every day. At the top, in the middle, at the bottom. It's ridiculous. I for one won't open any of your shopping links again although I know that's no great loss.
The black top with close white lines all over it, at £9.49.
A different one to the one you are wearing the day before and a different one you are planning to wear the day after!
I would go for the pretty dress abbey, hope you have a lovely time
1/ too young/tarty
2/ too old/frumpy
3/ just right

You do realise that all the responses you receive are based on the responders age and tastes
thank god after all this Boris Bashing we have come to a Really Impt question
Abbey.. Once again you are asking for opinions on what you should wear to cocktail parties, interviews, etc. Have you no friends who could give you advice (or family) as they know what you look like - we don't!
The dress is very pretty, I also like the bardot top.

As for ads appearing from the companies linked, I've never had any. Right now I'm getting ads for Roman and Paultons Park. Oh, and Bonmarche.
I wish people would stop having a go at Abbey.
-- answer removed --
There are several Jura71
Well, if anyone has complaints, contact the Ed.
Question Author
I got 1st one
t is most unlikely to arrive in less than a week

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