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windywillow | 09:56 Sun 26th Jun 2022 | Shopping & Style
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Has anyone bought anything from

On Friday 24 June I ordered a toilet brush online. The website kept defaulting to the colour Orange (I want White) and so I tried to change it, twice, before it accepted the change.

I then found I'd bought and paid for 3 brushes. I immediately emailed to explain what had happened and got an automated reply, thanking me for my email.

I emailed them again, on Friday night, explaining what had happened and reiterating the fact that I only wanted 1 brush. This morning I've received an email stating all 3 brushes have been dispatched.

The website had glowing reviews, but having done a further search this morning, I've found all negative reviews on TrustPilot, saying they are scammers, liars, can't be trusted, don't refund and so on.

I phoned Santander this morning and they say they can't do anything until I receive the goods and go through the proper channel of returning them for a refund, but looking at the genuine reviews, it doesn't sound likely I will get my refund. I know it's my own stupid fault for believing what's said on the website. Any advice please?


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Can't find their address or telephone number on their website, they are not abiding by UK consumer laws. I would not buy from them.

Do as Santander has advised, hopefully you will be able to return the unwanted items and get a full refund
Why on earth would you buy something like a toilet brush online? Are there no supermarkets or an Argos near where you live?
And have you seen the price??!!!
I buy almost everything online, some people live a long way from shops or simply can't get out and about. I do so because there is far more legal rights if something is not as it should be.
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Thanks for replies all.

This particular toilet brush is not the normal's silicone, poo doesn't stick to it, it's compact, easy to clean and more hygienic than a normal brush.

I already have one (this is how I know all this) and want a second for an en-suite which will shortly be built.

Original was bought off eBay and the silicone is not as pliable as this one sounds though. Hence why I was willing to pay more for it.
You don't need to explain your buying choices, Windy
They've got a facebook page - although it doesn't look very active. You could try messaging them on there.
I've taken a look at the website. Its layout is identical to one that I've seen many times before when people here have asked "Is site so-and-so safe?" and I've invariably ended up answering in the negative. So that alone started alarm bells ringing in my head.

Their home page states, "For the past 4 years we have been bringing the most unique products & gift ideas to the UK". Even ignoring the lousy English ("most unique"?), I find it hard to work out how they've been trading for the past four years when the domain name wasn't even registered until May 2020!

Further, it was registered through a company called 'Domains By Proxy', which is an anonymising service that's used to keep the identity of the registrant secret. (No legitimate company would ever have need of such a service).

The site itself was put together using the services of GoDaddy, which is a perfectly legitimate company but not the way that large businesses usually go about getting their websites designed.

Unless you can eventually persuade Santander to reimburse you, I fear that you've probably lost your money.
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Thanks all.

Chris, I know I should've checked this out before purchase, I was silly to believe the reviews on their webpage. Lesson learned. Santander have told me to return the goods (if they arrive) so I'll take it from there.

Years ago I was caught out with an online purchase. Bank refunded me that time. Might not be so lucky this time, but fingers crossed.
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237SJ, I've looked on FB but can't see a way to send a message.

I've looked at my OH's page as I'm not on there, perhaps I'm doing it wrong. :0(
Under the name on their fb page the blue bar with message written across it.
Just tap it. You will be taken to messenger where you a type a message or several messages.
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Sorry for the late reply, I've been out all afternoon.

That's really strange - I can't even find them at all on FB now!
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Great, thanks Sharon. I'll try messaging them.
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Message sent. (Insert 'thumbs up' sign here). :0)

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