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pastafreak | 19:10 Mon 20th Jun 2022 | Shopping & Style
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I'm looking for a plain coloured duvet set, and the first ones that came up on Amazon were microfiber. Has anyone got this? What is it like comfort-wise...does it stay cool in summer? I usually choose cotton/cotton mix, but there is nothing in the local shops in the colours I'd want. Except M and S...more than I want to spend though.


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It doesn't answer your question but Dunelm Mill have a good range of bedding and they do mail-order. We bought our last lot there (there's a store just across the road from us) and we're very pleased with it.
Good Housekeeping is a US site, so the links there might not very helpful. However their reviewers have actually tested lots of different microfibre sheets, so it's probably still worth a read:

I'm amazed that your local Dunelm doesn't have the colours that you're seeking though. They seem to have just about every colour possible when I go there!
Microfibre is bound to be all synthetic material....sounds dreadful for bed linen. (Think back to nylon sheets!).
They will, however, dry very quickly after washing!
As two of us have mentioned Dunelm, I'll add that they're on Friary Retail Park down your way, Pasta.
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I'll have a look at the Dunelm site. There's one here but it's a bit out of the way for me.
microfiber...ugh! just think of all those microscopic plastic particles ending up in the oceans and our food chain! Avoid at all costs please!
You can't beat cotton for bedding.
Dunelm trade online - I got some good curtains that way.
mjw @ 9.42...not to mention in your lungs, as you breathe them in all night!
John Lewis has a large range of colours in their own brand. Often on sale
Tesco/ Asda/Argos do bed linen. Not quite as expensive as M&S. good quality .
Dunelm had a huge selection. I use them a lot on line.

As for microfibre, my hairdresser uses microfiberc towels because they absorb water well.

And microfibre dusters are great for dusting. (Not that I didn't much!!)

Microfibre sheets would not appeal to me at all.

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