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It's the BTU wot counts - 9,000 is only enough for a smallish room.

I've got one of this make (actually the big brother, but that's out of stock) and 12,000 BTU is enough for a decent sized room.
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yeah but does it get cold, I mean like air con in a car for example?
Yes - last summer it kept my office at a comfortable 19C when the rest of the house was in the high 20s - good blast of cold air.

Noisy though if you run it at full whack.

Need a window kit for the exhaust for it to work at its best.
It may be rated in BTU's, but its power consumption is in Watts. (Mind you Boris Thermal Units is named after Boris, and Watts is named after Watt. Mind you again, Watt was Scottish and Boris is the son of a certified Frenchman, so that complicates your everything. Maybe you could get one rated in pints of condensate per hour?)
They usually work on blowing air across a water tank and have freezer blocks you can put in your.....freezer. Yes they work, but not as good as air con.
Zacs - these are proper fridge units - not evaporative coolers.
Some good info here for you to read and I think it is gingebee who actually subscribes to Which so she might see this and give you the Best Buy.

Ah, sorry SD.
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OK thanks all, I just bought a 15000 BTU unit, hopefully that should do the job. I just moved my office to the loft and this last few days have made me realise I need some cooling.
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LB did you get your font size sorted?
I beg your pardon;-). Nowt wrong with my font!
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sorry LB got you confused with jennyjoan!
16.33 Always thought you lived in your Grannies loft full time TTT .

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