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Polka dot top.
22:30 Fri 10th Jun 2022
No matter what answers you get, I’m sure you’ll dress as you want, I don’t believe anyone is so indecisive to be honest
I'm a bit surprised at the frequency at which you approach Answerbank for matters of your dressing. I hope you're learning from all the answers.
Second one!!Have a great time
If it's going to be hot you need natural fibres otherwise you will be a stinking sweaty mess
>>> I don’t believe anyone is so indecisive to be honest

Decision-making can be very difficult for people, like Abbeyleigh, with dyspraxia, Bobbi.

Leopard print dresses can be very hard to wear without looking rather 'tarty', in my opinion. Some people seem to be able to make it look classy but many just fail miserably.

The polka dot top looks fine though and the blue outfit is stunning. Either of those outfits should really get the heads turning in Cardiff next Saturday evening ;-)
Why the 3 offish remarks!!
The blue outfit looks as if it might be a bit sweaty, even though it doesn’t cover much skin. And looks fab, mind.

I like the leopard print top. I think it would look good with a denim skirt or smart/casual trousers.

Very difficult to decide without knowing size and shape of wearer. They are all very nice.
///Why the 3 offish remarks!!///

Perhaps I was a bit hasty. Sorry sandra, and abbeyleigh, no offence intended.
Polka dot top.
The pink dress!!
I like the blue one as long as you can take the jacket off. I used to wear shorts like that years ago.

Of the others the polka dot one is my preference.

What's happened on the job interview front?
I rather like the leopard print short sleeve top, followed by the polka dot. Choose the one you think you'll be most comfortable in. Are you near a New Look so you could try on and compare?
Chris I wasn’t aware that Abbey had Dyspraxia so I will say sorry ( to her)
It was discussed when you were "away" Bobbi.
Regardless of it being abbey or not, it was just poo-pooing someones thread that may have just wanted a chat. Had it happened to anyone of the 24hr posters the report button would have exploded no doubt.

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