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jennyjoan | 13:56 Thu 02nd Jun 2022 | Shopping & Style
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Yesterday I spent a good hour browsing on a shopping channel and threw some things in the basket - perhaps 5 or 6 items.

When you go back to the basket next day naturally the items are "gone" so I know you need to buy right away. But I like to have a wee nosey now and again.

Is there a way of "holding onto the items in the basket" ie saving them for another browse.


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Is this on your TV or a website? If it's a website the items should stay in your basket if you are logged in.

If it's on your TV I haven't a clue
On a website things always stay in my basket but it my be from retailers that I have log-ins for.
I have no actual experience of using a TV shopping channel, but I'm sure that you have to choose an item and pay for it...otherwise it's deemed to be still available for others ie "up for grabs".
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Think maybe need to register. Barry on pc
On the shopping channels, QVC and the like, if you don't click on 'buy' within 30 minutes of items being in your basket they drop out. Its so that items that are in high demand are not being held back by customers unable to decide. You can browse all these shopping channels on line
Usually you have a login or register to buy stuff.. If you do that your basket will remain as left.
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yes I will do that - as saw some lovely tops that I may get. You know after all these years I am realising since I do have a long body and short legs - I should have been asking for tunics. My brother was over 6 feet and same as me and he used to have to buy shirts with "tails" on them to cover his a$$ hole LOL

Reading that above I swear I'm not a dwarf or little person as the PC is now.
They stay in your basket will say if out of stock
Not to reserve if they sell out

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