Misguided Initiative ?

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Canary42 | 11:05 Thu 19th May 2022 | Shopping & Style
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Many over-60s are reasonably comfortable income-wise but lots and lots of poverty victims are well under sixty - they need help too.


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Well that'll be good news to 90% of posters here ;-)
It's not feasible to offer discounts to all, Canary. Maybe they shouldn't bother at all?
Nothing would encourage me to shop at Iceland, the home of beige food.
Does Boots still give the over 60s a discount? B&Q and Focus used to.
I got discount on my bathroom from Focus back in the day.

I shop at Iceland occasionally. They do some decent stuff & their prices are (already) keen.
Iceland no have a much wider range than they sued to if you buy online. Pretty much like a supermarket not just frozen Gregg's anymore.

It's a private business Canary, not a charity. I know you pinkos think businesses and their profits are there for the taking but luckily the Government doesnt.

"There is no such thing as 'safe' socialism. If it’s safe, it’s not socialism. And if it's socialism, it’s not safe. The signposts of socialism point downhill to less freedom, less prosperity, downhill to more muddle, more failure. If we follow them to their destination, they will lead this nation into bankruptcy."

Nowt to stop the over 60s doing the shopping for their children /grandchildren every Tuesday at Iceland, is there?
I can't tell how often I pass shops in town offering student discounts, and wondered why not pensioners also?
I have a nearby Iceland that I often use for products, cat food...and frozen fish and seafood which is excellent quality. I welcome this.
Boots used to offer an over 60s discount and also one for your birthday month. Haven't seen either for several years.
pasta, I imagine the thinking is that pensioners will have an income, students may not.

Also, if they persuade students to become customers, they'll have their business for decades rather than just a few years. But that's a judgment call, and Iceland may have considered it and decided against.

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Misguided Initiative ?

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