Has Anyone Heard About Website?

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cigos99868 | 12:44 Tue 26th Apr 2022 | Shopping & Style
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i was about to buy some stuff from this website, and then I thought I should check out some reviews first. when I searched for online reviews I found positive comments mostly and then I saw this blog post > in this post they say it's a SCAM website and do not buy from them. Please help me decide should I buy from this website or NOT?


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The address at Shelton Street is a service provider. You can register to use an address there. My advise reading the review is "be careful"
If you have any doubts whatsoever then avoid it.
As Calmck indicates, the address given isn't actually for the company itself. It's simply the business's mailing address, for which they pay the princely sum of £39 per year to use:

Despite claiming to be a UK-registered company, there's no record of the business on the Companies House website (which lists all limited companies in the UK).

Further, it seems very odd that an allegedly UK-based business should advertise its prices and shipping rates in US dollars.

The 'About Us' page states "Our Store was established in 2006, it specialized at customizing shoes, clothing, watch, hats & bags with most affordable price and premium quality online. We have worked with large companies, small businesses, groups, events, teams, sports fans and individuals for over 10 years". The English is the first sentence is decidedly dodgy but far more worrying is the fact that (despite the firm claiming to have been in business since 2006), the domain name wasn't registered until just 12 days ago!

Any legitimate business will almost certainly have an email address that uses the same domain as their website does (i.e. ' However the email address given is a Gmail one. Googling that email address finds it linked to other companies advertising their prices in US dollars but allegedly based elsewhere. (e.g. that email address is given as the contact for, specialising in the sale of silk pyjama sets and with an office address in Norway).

The whole of the website (including the address in Covent garden and the Gmail address) appears to be duplicated in the form of
Yet again, there's a claim that the company has been in business since 2006 but the web address wasn't registered until 29 March this year. Once again, there's no trace of the business on the Companies House website.

The same email address is used as a contact for (an allegedly US-based company, selling gold and silver medallions, with a domain name that was only registered on 6th March this year) but which also gives [email protected] as a contact.

Googling that email address, in turn, finds it linked to (a nominally US-based swimwear firm, with a domain name that was also registered on 6th March) and (which duplicates everything on the site and where the domain name was also registered on 6th March). Yet another copy of the website, with the same creation date, can be found as

I might be old and cynical (indeed, I most definitely am!) but, all the same, I think that I might just be beginning to smell a rat somewhere here ;-)
I'm surprised there's not been a post by a newbie expressing shock at the accusation, declaring it to be amazing and great value for money...
Its early days ^
^^^ That thought had also occurred to me, TCL, but such a post might be a bit late now, I think ;-)
You just can't get the spammers these days...

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