Is This A Legit Site?

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wolf63 | 00:58 Thu 17th Mar 2022 | Shopping & Style
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I saw this adorable handbag and I plan to buy it. It has loads of good reviews but are not a UK company. (As PP would say they are forrin)!!

Is it an okay site?


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Scam detector says it is ok
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Your internal SPAM sensor? I don't have one.

If I hadn't come across it on Facebook I wouldn't have even questioned its status.

The domain name for that website was only registered on 21 September last year, so it's not been around for long. (Obviously, all new companies have to start somewhere but I'm always very wary of new players).

The domain name was registered through a web service that redacts the registrant's true details 'for privacy', with the registrant being listed as an 'individual' (which grants greater privacy rights), rather than as a 'company'. I can think of no reason why any legitimate company would want to do that.

Customer reviews for the website seem to be non-existent (which suggests that they've either not sold very much yet or possibly that, despite registering the domain name back in September, they've actually only just started trading). However ScamAdviser has, like me, spotted that the site owner is hiding behind a privacy shield and has some other concerns as well:

I'm always VERY suspicious of a single website that offers prices in multiple currencies, rather than setting up separate sites for each part of the world that it trades in. (That site offers an option, at the top right of the page, to switch between any of 8 different currencies). I get further concern when, despite offering to accept multiple currencies, the shipping information can't switch between them and only refers (as that site does) to US dollars.

I distrust websites that try to suggest a company has been trading no longer than it actually has. (It seems odd, given that it's a new company, that ' © 2020' appears at the foot of the page.

Spelling and English errors can be worrying too. 'Jewelries'???

The 'Contact Us' page does, at least, admit that it's a Chinese company, with a postal address and an email address using the same domain as the website (rather than, say, a Gmail one, which is always worrying).

The 'Refund policy' is clearly a straight copy-&-paste from another site, rather than anything that they've thought up themselves. Quote: "Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases". Given that don't sell any of those things in the first place, they obviously didn't write that themselves!

That website certainly wouldn't be first choice of sites to buy from!

However, if you really want that bag, a reverse image search finds it offered on Amazon UK ;-) User Recommendation
Odd that the copyright on the website shows as, "2020", are they trying to look as if they've been around for longer?
Apologies, just seen you had also spotted the "2020" date.
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Thanks to all.

I see that Amazon has lots of different floral/flowery designs. I will get one.

My trusty old rucksack is looking old and there is only one small and one huge pocket.

I will toddle off to Oxfam's online 50% off sale now.
Ask yourself just one question, 'do I really need this', after weighing everything up your answer will probably be 'no', so therefore don't buy it.
I would go with Amazon. At that price you are not risking much. St Peter, sometimes it's great to buy something you like whether you need it not. It lifts the spirits. It's what us ladies do!

It's a mummy bag bag in the Baby section, but very pretty!!
Well said, Buenchico. A beautiful response, I applaud it.
(As PP would say they are forrin)!!

and others wd say - if it is forrin, then it is crap !
Just had a look on the Trust Pilot site for reviews, and there's not a single review listed!

Think I'd give this company a miss.

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