Argos Book Of Dreams Website?

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daz1969 | 21:11 Sat 02nd Oct 2021 | Shopping
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Last year there was a website that had all of the Argos catalogues digitised as it was put from previous years since the catalogue launched, the website appears not to exist anymore - does anyone know where it went? I was wondering if Argos took a dislike to the site and asked for it to be removed? Thank you


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Afraid you're right, the Domain is no more.

Some available via this site.
As you say, the original site has disappeared but there's always this:
This link seems to work. I’ve only tried it for the 1973 edition though
I've got quite a few old catalogues (of various types) on CDs that I've purchased from eBay. I note that this CD is available there:

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Argos Book Of Dreams Website?

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