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pastafreak | 13:10 Wed 22nd Sep 2021 | Shopping
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Is anyone familiar with this brand? Hybrid stone coating...had to Google that. A type of ceramic coating I think, which is supposed to be preferable to old types of non-stick.
I'm looking for a new non stick frying pan, and the reviews are quite good for this one on Amazon. User Recommendation


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you can't go wrong with a cast iron skillet about the same price i would say
Just seen this pasta. I now have these type of pans and would never go back to traditional non-stick. they are very non-stick but you can still get a 'crust' on things when you fry them.
when you fry IN them lol!
I have found Eaziglide very good. Available from Amazon and John Lewis
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While cast iron would be great, they are just too heavy for me now...unfortunately.
I bought a small 20cm ceramic pan in tkmaxx the other day. My goodness! My food was slip/sliding all over...but I got the crust!
Yep...I'll get more. Now for an omelette pan ;)

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Blackmoor Pans

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