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surreyman | 12:34 Wed 28th Jul 2021 | Shopping
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Received my online grocery delivery yesterday among which were two substituted items, but my chicken tikka masala ready meal was bizarrely subbed by a packet of frozen prawns.
To be fair they are normally pretty accurate with their subs.
Have any of you guys had any similar experience with weird substitutions ?


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I am called the morning of delivery if something is not available and asked what substitute I want. Agree prawns for tikka is strange
not me, but...

I ordered mayo and had it subbed for window cleaner
Yes, quite a few times.
I don't use online shopping but I admire the sense of humour of the Tesco worker who suggested substituting a pregnancy test kit with a pack of condoms ;-)
(There are lots more interesting substitutions in that link!)

More here
and here
and here
I ordered three Bramley cooking apples.
They were substituted with three packs of six Braeburn eating apples so I ended up with 18 eating apples.
Having had ridiculous substitutions in the past I now tick the "No subs" box.
Not online groceries but when I went to live in Canada the company gave us a house and an account at Sears to furnish and decorate it.

The shelves in the basement were a bit rough so I ordered some rolls of Fablon to tart them up. I received a salad spinner.
Not substitutions. The odd time I've had food we didn't order which I've contacted them about & they've said to keep.
Never any really odd subs but occasionally something I didn't fancy and it was removed from my total bill.
I think you've started a trend.

Prior to today I've never experienced any anomalies, but just now my grocery delivery arrived with oranges substituted with a cauliflower !

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Odd Substitutions

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