What On Earth They Going To Do With Them

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teacake44 | 20:39 Sun 02nd May 2021 | Shopping
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Been in and out of Debenhams all week this week, prices have been rock bottom, each day prices have reduced on a daily basis, they have been packed all week. They have now more or less cleared out completely. My thoughts going round, is what the hell are they going to do with these stores. This one in my town ( indoor shopping center) is like many all over the UK, its massive, on three floors, there's no other businesses even big enough to take on these buildings. The owners of these centers must be in with losing millions in rent, not to mention the smaller ones that are also closing. Are shopping centers doomed?


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They'll be turned into flats.
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The ones that are on the high street may be, but there's lots of them in shopping centers, so the options are then limited ?
Our local Wilko took over C&A and it's over 3 floors. A 3 level shop in a centre can be split into 3 different shops.
We have a large,empty John Lewis. The plan is to split it up and have cafes etc
Also, storage is needed, for online shops.
The Debenhams store in Ipswich is as central as it's possible to get, being directly opposite the old Town Hall. It's already been snapped up for £3m, so obviously someone thinks that it's got some potential to it:
Are you in Stoke teacake?

We have had a couple of bargains from Debenhams, but it is so sad to see it decimated and looking ready to shut down - I think it will be gone by next weekend.

I can't imagine what will happen now - the death knell for Hanley I fear.
My nearest Debenhams, which was on at least 2 floors, shut recently and has already re-opened as The Range with huge crowds flocking in.
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AH @ 21.25 No, Shropshire Area. The Debenhams near me was crammed with goods on all three floors, I got the feeling they had shipped in goods from other smaller Debenhams to the larger ones like mine. I got jackets /coats that were £80/85 for £20, tops/jumpers £20/30 for £8/ and even reduced again the following day to £4. Bedding home wear was also give away prices, far to many items to list, but they have no intention of having anything left. I would think this last weekend has cleared them out.
I hate going into stores that are closing down. Makes me feel like a vulture picking over the remains. And I feel sorry for the staff losing their jobs.
There was a report in the news that our Debenhams was to be turned into a 3 story, make your own pasty shop...

That was on the 1rst of April ;))
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13.32 May be a vulture if you take more than you need, and don't give anyone else a chance, that's what vultures do. Has for the job losses yes its a shame, but not buying the goods on offer never to be seen again is not going to make much difference to that situation.
Regarding employment at these large stores, most of the staff have been working pity full hours, so the real vultures have been in the boardroom. Sometimes when these sort of businesses close its the push the people need to find something better.
teacake - // so the real vultures have been in the boardroom. //

I don't think that is altogether fair.

High Street stores have been declining for some time as on-line shopping superceedes physical visits to shops to buy, and that of course has been seriously hastened by Covid restrictions.

The boards of these stores are businesses and they have to respond to market forces - and in this case, market forces have made their operations untenable.

I am sure that each board would have loved for their stores to have carried on and thrived and prospered, but the public has dictated that this is not to be - and that is beyond the control of any board or its members.

Therefore i think calling the 'vultures' is a trifle harsh.

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