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wolf63 | 18:32 Mon 01st Feb 2021 | Shopping
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I have decided to use Morrisons online deliveries as a back-up to my usual supermarket. It seems easier to get a delivery slot with Morrisons.

I tried using the menu to browse through the items to purchase but find that it jumps all over the place.

When I open the menu and try to scroll down the main categories it doesn't seem to wait until I click on something. It just starts taking me into categories that I have no interest in.

Does anyone else have a problem with the menu? I have shaky hands, but they are not 'that' shaky.


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Although I don't shop online, I can still browse through the items offered on the Morrison' website without any problems. The issue is probably related to your web browser. Try . . .

1. Restarting your browser (or, better still, restarting your computer) ;
2. Clearing your browser's cache. (If you need instructions, please tell us which browser you're using) ;
3. Using a different browser.
Are you doing it through Amazon?

I put in an order today with no issues.

Tescos website is much easier to use but they are much busier.
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I will try another browser. I have an order in for next week but I like to browse through the goodies.

I was just using the Morrison website. When you order through Amazon do they give you a one hour slot.

Tesco is my favourite, but unless I get a slot late at night it is weeks before the next available slot.

I was in Tesco Metro today and it was like a ghost town.
It's a two hour slot.

You place your order and they put you in a queue and they'll text you to check out when a slot is available. I ordered today and have a slot for tomorrow. It comes really well packed in sturdy brown paper bags. I reuse the bags as recycling bags.
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Chris and ummmm

I tried Firefox and it was a totally different experience. On Chrome it was so fast that it was impossible to do any shopping without knowing exactly what I was looking for.

I am getting a delivery from Morrison's next Friday as Tesco's slots are booked up weeks in advance. As long as I have nice stuff to drink I will survive.

I just checked the weather forecast and every day has a severe weather warning for snow. It is 'so' cold.
I'm not touting for business, as an employee, honestly!! But has anyone mentioned Morrisons' doorstep deliveries? Order by 5pm to get next day, if you live within a certain distance from a store.

Hope this will help someone on here.
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I didn't know about that service, is it well advertised?

I like Tesco but Morrison's sell Sweetcorn Relish, this is strangely very hard to find elsewhere. Asda sells it but it is naff.

I volunteer in an Oxfam book and music shop and I am sometimes hesitant to advertise sales etc on AB.

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Online Shopping With Morrisons

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