Is This A Legit Website?

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wolf63 | 19:23 Wed 20th Jan 2021 | Shopping
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Well it lists its address (in HK) so not hiding too much. Don’t forget that you’ll be liable for VAT and duty (if there is duty on clothing)
Only has a 2 star review :(
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I might just have to avoid it. Thanks to you both of you.

There is another company - the lacy bra - which looked great but I was deterred from purchasing anything. The bras look really nice with both ample scaffolding and lacy material.
The domain name was only created on 4th December last year. (Potentially worrying)

All details of the registrant for the domain name have been 'redacted for privacy'. (Worrying. A legitimate company shouldn't need to hide their details).

The only exception to the above is that 'guang dong sheng' is on the mailing address line of the domain name registration. That, together with the fact that the technical email contact mentions '' (which is based in China), strongly suggests that the company (if it actually exists) is based in China. (Potentially worrying).

The website offers payment in 37 different currencies but only quotes shipping charges in US dollars. (Worrying).

The website states that its run by Pioneer ECOM Global Limited. That's a legitimate company, based in Hong Kong, but it was only created on 3rd November 2020. (Worrying).

There's no postal address for returns on the website. (Worrying).

My guess is that the firm does actually exist but that it's possibly rather over-ambitious in what it's seeking to do in its early days and customers could be put at risk if it can't live up to the claims on its website. Returning goods that don't come up to expectations could also be a problem. I wouldn't use it myself.
I'd be vary wary. There seem to be a lot of companies springing up with different names, some seem to be linked, based in the far east. Hook people in with good deals. I was reading reviews of one the other days, they were awful! There was some suggestion that fake good reviews are being planted on sites like Trust Pilot too.

I'll try and post the link if I can remember the name of the one I looked up.
From what I remember, main complaints were clothing (that actually arrives) being received that was nowhere near the size advertised and very cheap quality, a suggestion that pictures are of properly made clothing and there is some kind of scanning process to produce similar looking items at a much cheaper cost, which are very poor quality.

Long delays in items being delivered, returns (having to pay more than the items is likely worth), issues getting refunds, and lack of customer service in general, seem to be a major issue for these companies too. As they are outside of the UK there is very little back up consumer wise.
I've just noticed something about the product reviews on that website: They're all dated before 4th December last year (when the domain name for the site was created) and, indeed, also before 3rd November last year (when the company running the site was set up)!

Doesn't comply with UK law - this is not legal
Final sale items, promotions, freebies are not eligible for return or exchange.
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Ah well ! I knew it was too good to be true. I don't trust my own judgement in such matters.

I read some of reviews from eve's link. There are many unhappy shoppers.

Check soulmia collection reviews before you buy anything.
Ah, I knew the advert for the one I mentioned earlier would pop up again at some point. Some really awful reviews for a potentially similar kind of company.
Had two more ads pop up just this morning, for similar looking companies, they all seems to have similar complaints made, some also have a note from Trust Pilot about monitoring/removing suspicious (I'm assuming good) reviews.

Seems from the ads and reviews, that they put up images of nice clothing, jewellery etc..., seemingly obtained from elsewhere, and often at suspiciously cheap prices to hook people in. Then to send out very cheap, badly made and ill fitting copies which, take an age to arrive, if they do arrive.

Given the cost of returns and it sounding like a nightmare to get a refund, they probably think that it's likely a lot of customers will just give up and write off the money, especially for cheaper items.

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