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chrisuk013 | 15:38 Mon 19th Oct 2020 | Shopping
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Good Afternoon All,

I am after an indoor camera for one of the rooms in my house.

I want to watch the camera on my phone when I am not in the house, as I believe the landlord is entering the property when I am not there.

Any recommendations?

Thank you


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have you tried wedging a tiny cotton thread in the door? might save you buying a camera.

Have you spoken to the Landlord yet? This has been bothering you a while now.
This should meet your needs: User Recommendation
Woofgang has the same idea as me.
I'd place something in such a way, that only you know how and where it is and opening your door will disturb it. Woofgang's suggestion of a cotton thread would work.
Another idea could be to wedge a tiny piece of paper on the hinge side of the door, so when the door is opened it'll drop to the floor.
^ wouldn't prove who the trespasser was though, would it?
No. Neither would it show what the LL was doing in there.
In reply to the 2 posts before this:

//// I believe the landlord is entering the property when I am not there. ////

I'm assuming that Chris just wants to see if the landlord is entering their property. I think we can assume that the landlord could possibly have a key, so if mine or Woofgang's method proves that someone is entering the house, then maybe it might be time to splash the cash and invest in a camera so they can identify them.
In all honesty I dont see how you are going to watch the camera when you are away from the house. Surely if you are out of the house it's because you are doi g something else and wont have time to check in for the entire time. Even if you watch for 10 mins every hour he could be coming I the other 50 mins
A motion-activated camera automatically sends an alert to the user's phone whenever any movement is detected within the area that it's monitoring, enabling the user to watch what's going on. So it's not necessary for the user to continuously monitor the camera's output; he/she only needs to pay attention to it when an alert is received.
Any decent security camera will automatically record all movement so you can playback at any time and have video files as evidence.

If you are worried the camera may be tampered with if it's spotted get one that will automatically upload to the internet that way the recordings will be safe - you'll need wi-fi for this though or a permanent wired connection depending on the camera type.
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