Toilet Rolls Arrived Today

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BAKERS DOZEN | 20:58 Thu 17th Sep 2020 | Shopping
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Got an email to say they had been delivered but hadn't got them so complained to seller. Later on a neighbour brought them round as they had accepted them along with their own delivery. Don't know why as we have in all day. What a con. There is one packet of 9 rolls so far from being a bargain they are quite expensive. Pity the courier hadn't brought them to my door as I would have refused to accept them. The advert says 90 rolls and while that did seem generous I thought I would give it a go. One of the reviews even says it is a good bulk buy. Will be returning them of course and will contact ebay to get them to check the listing. Looks like I'm off to Farm Foods to get 4 packs of 18 for £10. Their price is £2.99 for 18 or 4 packs for a tenner so there is no way I am paying £5.99 for 1 pack of 9.


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Looks like you're the victim of a tissue of lies.
It could be some of the rolls were sent separately. Contact the seller to see if that's the case.

If no, request a refund or search your neighbour's house for the missing eighty-one rolls...
If they were scammers I think they might have advertised 100 rolls and then when challenged for sending only 9 they could have claimed the ad actually said lOO rolls
Ff lol!
Baker, why do you want 90 loo rolls. I bulk buy, but that seems a little excessive
Question Author
Clover - I was taken by the price at Farm Foods and just wondered if anyone had tried them. There are five adults in the house and I will be going to see our daughter soon so she could have had some as well. If there was another lockdown and another shortage then why not stock up.
Why bother you were only going to throw them away anyway
I was under the impression that the average female used at least 90 rolls daily ?
You are correct, OG. They most of it to wipe up the drips from the toilet seat, rim and floor left by their menfolk
You should check Groupon.They have plenty of toilet rolls at reasonable prices, eg Andrex at 45 rolls for £20.50
o great so now you can go to a football match
or is that so eighties, you can tell I am a pensioner
I was under the impression that the average female used at least 90 rolls daily ?

that underestimate is well used....
I see you are chipping away at the cleaning ideas of the fair sex ( their ideas of dirt are different to men's - poo-sociologists jerk their heads up and sniff the air)
o god missed it
a bit girlie
you need lots of loo rolls ( 90 is far too few) so that you can er sit in peace during another lock down - - silly me

and I was expending thought on - - - on - - flimsies
such rough handling that my finger were poking thro
I think we should all start stocking up on t.rolls again soon !!
Is this 'Loo Gate '?

Sounds like something Lou Rawls would have written a song about
I did mention on your thread it looked like only 9 rolls but tilly2 thought it was maybe 45. Very strange advert indeed..if it sounds too good to be true it never is.
BD. You've reminded me of a couple I knew in the seventies. He was in charge of toilet rolls and when she had to go he would ask her....1 or 2.
If the answer was 1 she was given two sheets of toilet paper and four sheets if she answered 2.
God knows what he's like when there's a shortage.
In my experience 'cheap' toilet rolls turn out to be not cheap when you come to use them.

Often they have an extra large cardboard tube, and are so loosely wound that there is next to nothing there.

Another trick is that they have tiny squares, so the number of sheets count looks impressive.
My friend’s dad used to insist she only use two squares per time. I don’t know how he checked. Bit horrible.
Happily, I am in the state where I can buy decent toilet rolls and use them as the whim takes me. I am truly blessed.

I don't do toilet roll anxiety.

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Toilet Rolls Arrived Today

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