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teacake44 | 16:58 Thu 10th Sep 2020 | Shopping
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Why are some folk making paying for shopping a pain in the bum for others when there really is no need. On three occasions today I've stood in a queue while someone stands there waving their mobile phone in front of the contactless machine, closer, closer, further away, a little bit nearer, still no contact, its like watching and waiting for Paul Daniels to complete his magic trick. In the end they give up, put there phone away, and start rummaging through their bag for the card they had all the time, that works right away.


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Know exactly what you mean. Lots of shoppers when asked to pay go into a meltdown.
I have to be honest, I've never come across this !
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BS Its only in the last few weeks I've seen it, but what a pain in the back side, I know you need to keep up with some tec, but is this really needed, not sure what happens if their phone go's missing with some of the tec crooks about.
Never seen anyone having a problem with this form of payment. Use it myself. It’s quick , safe and convenient.
Should add, to use my phone in the event of a loss would need my fingerprint
Are you my dad in disguise?
I was in a shop this afternoon and someone tried to pay with their 'phone.

The woman on the till said the tills weren't picking up the signals so she took the 'phone had to enter the information from it manually.

She tapped away, said okay, gave the 'phone back to the shopper who then swiped her card anyway.

No idea what was going on...
If your phone recognises your fingerprint, to enable Applepay, you have to take it out of your pocket so that the screen is black then, tap the button twice with your fingernail. The app opens and then you press your fingerprint on to the button.

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Why All The Faffing

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