An Interesting Conversation In M&S.

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Tilly2 | 15:19 Fri 31st Jul 2020 | Shopping
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On Wednesday, I bought, amongst other things, a £4.00 punnet of Strawberries. On getting them out of the fridge, yesterday, I noticed that the 'best before' date was 29/07/20. Some of the strawberries were beginning to 'turn' a bit but I did manage to serve up two very nice dishes.

Today, I took back the empty punnet and receipt and spoke to a customer service assistant, explaining that they had sold 'best before' produce on the actual day.

Him. 'Best before' means you can sell them on that date.
Me. No it doesn't. It means they should not have been sold.
Him. Sorry, darlin' you are wrong. The law says that 'best before 'is ok on the best before date.7
Me. I am not your darlin'. Why wasn't this a reduce product?
Him. Because we don't reduce them until much later in the day. All the shops do the same thing, Sainsbury's, Tesco...
Me. No, they don't. If you find a product that should have been taken of the shelf the day before, they will reduce it.

Anyway on and on we went in the same vein. I eventually left with another punnet of strawberries and phoned customer services when I got home. They agreed with me and have now sent me an e-voucher for £4.00.

The next time I go to that branch, I shall ask to speak to the manager and suggest that some of the staff need further training. I know that M&S customer service have opened a case on this, so the manager should be aware of what I'm talking about.

There you go. My Friday tale.


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I need to start shopping at Morrisons, evidently. Thanks for that, Capt.
A pleasure Tilly, but please don't become one of the 19p Brigade. We hate them - social distancing goes out of the window when there's a bargain to be had! Another pet hate- 'are you going to reduce this any more?' Go away!
I’m a big complainer but even I think you are pushing your luck on this one. I’ve always taken best before date to include the actual stated date. As for going back in to complain, you can’t have been that bothered or you would have mentioned it on your original complaining visit.
I don’t think this thread went as Tilly expected.
I shop online and therefore don't have the chance to examine dates or check freshness - anything brought for delivery with less than 3 days life marked on it is shown at the top of the invoice and pointed out by the driver and can be rejected if needs be.
I think I had 10 of those this week, Mamy. It's fruit and veg though, I've never looked at a date on fruit and veg.
I always go to the back of the shelf, or to the box below
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I may have pushed my luck, Sherr, but the outcome was a bonus.
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What do you think I was expecting, DD? I just told my little tale.
I bought a traybake cake from Tesco. Didn't notice the date until I'd paid for it - can't remember if I noticed whilst still in the shop or once I got home.

Took ot to the Customer Services Desk - as it was their fault it was still on sale, I got my money back doubled.
take a bazooky with you

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An Interesting Conversation In M&S.

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