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allenlondon | 16:08 Mon 13th Jul 2020 | Shopping
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Sent whisky to my old comrade (he's 85 now) via Amazon. Delivery driver demanded to see his ID (he's eighty-five, and looks it!), shouting that he was going to 'take it back if no ID', and that it had to be 'driving licence'!

Now, as it happens my old (British Army veteran) pal still has a licence, and produced it, and the stroppy driver thrust my mate's gift into his arms and went off, huffing.

Tried complaining to Amazon. Might as well have spat in the wind. No real apology, comment on 'Chat' 'Well, if it really happened, that's not good enough'(!)

Is there any way of complaining to Amazon via post? They seem to have shut their emails down (using covid-19 as an excuse - ain't it great, it's an excuse for everything!) - and you HAVE to go through 'chat', which is basically you saying what's wrong, they not really reading it, and good night.



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I would have told him to take it back!!! Then complain.
Question Author
See your point, Sharon, but when confronted like that, takes a while to think of a suitable response (particularly if you're getting on!)
True. Your friend must look very fresh faced.
A little charm and humour would have gone a long way in that exchange, some people just aren't adept at customer facing roles.

Rather sad.
well every parcel I have ever received from amazon has been packed up, usually in at least 2 boxes nested like Russian dolls so how did the driver even know what was in it? It's not the job of the driver to determine of someone is is old enough to receive alcohol anyway. They just do the delivery. A few anomalies in this post methinks.
Certain products are age restricted - alcohol is one of those.
Have you tried ringing 0800-279-7234 Allen ?
....and the driver wouldn't know the contents of the parcel, but his hand-held gizmo would tell him if ID (or even a signature)was a requirement.
does it really matter allen - it states on amazon that ID must be produced for deliveries of alcohol, your friend was asked for it, showed it and received his delivery. Job done.
I would hope they would reassure me that in future the driver should undertake the ID part of the role in a more courteous way in order that he/she can fulfill the rule and move on.
I wonder if I will need identity if I buy a bomb from Amazon?
A Bath Bomb? No.
also what's the point of amazon apologising to you? The delivery driver was rude to your friend (but was just following the company process which is detailed on their website)
That's the law, Amazon and the driver would could have been in big trouble if he hadn't asked for id. Trading Standards do set up stings to catch traders out.
It's not new
bednobs, the driver represents Amazon and Amazon should be aware if any of their drivers are below standard.
aha, but we are only seeing it from Allen's POV. it's easy to see how it could have happened - driver is on a tight schedule (they all seem to be), asked for id, friend said no, look at my face, or how ridiculous or words to that effect, driver has to forcefully state that if ID is not shown he has to take package back.
actually they do read chat. I have found it very helpful in resolving problems
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But to accept Amazon’s ludicrous position is somewhat missing the point.

My pal is 85. He looks 85. No-one but a complete idiot would ask him”Are you over 18”?

Where the flip is common sense in all of this?

And what about the “Must be driving licence!” I haven’t got one, so would I have been denied the delivery.

What a world.
allen, the driver has to prove that he has asked for id and seen it. He has no choice.

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