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allenlondon | 16:08 Mon 13th Jul 2020 | Shopping
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Sent whisky to my old comrade (he's 85 now) via Amazon. Delivery driver demanded to see his ID (he's eighty-five, and looks it!), shouting that he was going to 'take it back if no ID', and that it had to be 'driving licence'!

Now, as it happens my old (British Army veteran) pal still has a licence, and produced it, and the stroppy driver thrust my mate's gift into his arms and went off, huffing.

Tried complaining to Amazon. Might as well have spat in the wind. No real apology, comment on 'Chat' 'Well, if it really happened, that's not good enough'(!)

Is there any way of complaining to Amazon via post? They seem to have shut their emails down (using covid-19 as an excuse - ain't it great, it's an excuse for everything!) - and you HAVE to go through 'chat', which is basically you saying what's wrong, they not really reading it, and good night.



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Behave you.
Perhaps the rules should be waived if an Ulster General Service Medal is produced?
Just playing devil's advocate here, but perhaps Amazon could learn from Sainsbury's here; when I purchase alcohol in their supermarkets and use the self-service checkout, an assistant has to approve the purchase, and one of the options available to them is worded something like "Visibly over 18", or words to that effect.
Agree Jimf. They have the same thing in Asda.
same in all supermarkets with self check-out. But it may be more awkward for a delivery person who doesn't actually work for the shop to say "You're not having this, you're too young" and have to take it back to the depot themselves and fill out a form themselves saying why .

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Amazon Complaining.

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