Anyone Ever Ordered On Line From A Company Finally Fresh

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tollview | 22:58 Sun 03rd May 2020 | Shopping
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Placed an order with Finally Fresh a month ago, paid by credit card for tablets for cleaning inside of washing machine Keep getting fobbed off and tracking of delivery has never changed for about 3 weeks Just wondered if anyone has used this company and been successful in receiving their order??? Many thanks


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I haven't.
Had a google and this from

''Customer Reviews/Complaints
It is difficult to find reviews for Finally Fresh washing machine cleaner tablets because it is only sold directly from the manufacturer. While the reviews on the Finally Fresh website are positive, there are some features of the site that give us pause.

While the reviews posted there are simply screenshots of customer praise, there is no constructive feedback listed. The company is not registered with the Better Business Bureau, so it’s tough to find legitimate information there, too. There are a few scammy-looking websites making claims like, “This Mom Discovered A Simple Fix To Clean The Dreaded Musty Washing Machine Odors Away Forever!” which makes us believe that Finally Fresh might be little more than a gimmick.''
Looking through their website, the business is based in (or purports to be based in) the USA. They've registered different domain names for their sales site ( and their email server ( which seems rather odd and possibly a bit suspicious to me. Both of those domain names were registered early last year, so the business doesn't seem to have been around for long.

The firm's name seems to be the same as its sole product, which again looks suspicious to me. (e.g. I'd expect a product called 'Marvo-Wizz' to actually be made by a firm such as 'Bloggs & Perkins Chemicals Ltd', which also manufactures a range of similar products).

There is nothing on the website to indicate which country their products might be shipped from. The shipping charges possibly seem a bit cheap for direct shipping from the USA and their pricing in sterling (rather than in US dollars) is clearly intended to give the impression that they trade from within the UK. (If you route your web traffic via a US proxy server though, the prices come up in dollars). If they're actually operating from within the UK, they're acting ILLEGALLY by failing to provide a returns address for their products on their website. They're also acting ILLEGALLY by stating that they'll deduct shipping and handling costs from any refund they might provide in respect of returned goods. Further, they're acting ILLEGALLY by suggesting that their offers might suddenly disappear from people's screen in the near future.

The pop-ups which keep appearing at the bottom left, saying that so-and-so purchased their product within the past few minutes, look extremely dodgy to me. I'd be prepared to bet that they turn up with the same frequency at 3am or 4am, when you wouldn't expect many Brits to be shopping online for laundry products.

The only postal address on the website is for that of its Privacy Compliance Officer which, rather than being that of a manufacturing plant or of a lawyer's office, turns out to be private address in upmarket Berkeley, California.

The entire thing looks DODGY to me!

I suppose that you MIGHT eventually see your order turn up but I suggest that you shouldn't hold your breath - other than to avoid that ghastly pong coming from your washing machine, of course ;-)
Ghastly pong: what a Hallowe'en Olympic competition that was!
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Hi all - re my query send 4th May regarding Finally Fresh washing machine cleaning tablets - thank you so much for your replies Thought I would let you know that I FINALLY received my order Thursday past and the tablets actually work! Many thanks
Thanks your update.

I'll try to pass the info on to Jordyboy9 (who's also been waiting for them) when I next see him posting on AB.
Yes, I received my order, but it was a long time arriving, I don't remember how long but I'm sure it was well over a month.
Ooops, I posted before reading your update - glad the goods arrived eventually.
thank you for updating. Pleased you've got your stuff and even better, you're happy with it :D
Was this the same company that Jordyboy posted about recently.? He awaits his order still and is not happy.

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Anyone Ever Ordered On Line From A Company Finally Fresh

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