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fruitsalad | 17:21 Sun 19th Apr 2020 | Shopping & Style
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For a birthday present for my Mum, she lives a couple of hundred miles from me, and usually if I dont get to see her, as will be the case this year, I would buy her something, parcel it up and send it, (more difficult this year) so looking for some online present ideas, any ideas, would be appreciated apart from flowers tia.


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Google - Amazon presents for Mum. A fair selection there.
this place sells lovely indoor fruit trees.
Does she have hobbies?
Some fiction books to read during lockdown.

A cookery book with recipes that would be new to her, maybe a different cusine to her usual.

A book of Pam Ayres' poems.


Patio fruit tree

Jigsaw puzzle

Some luxury hand gel and hand cream

Go to snapfish or similar site and upload a favourite photo to a mug or a canvas print

Subscription to a magazine

What interests does she have?
A lovely jigsaw puzzle.
Yo Randy x
Hello Mams, you well sweetie?.

I use the bottle club to send booze, well priced and great selection.
I'm fine love, you?

Hard to answer without knowing your Mum's likes etc Fruitsalad.
Yes, lots of changes, will catch up with you later on your music thread x
Great x
jigsaw puzzle
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Try hobby craft or similar for craft kits, she might appreciate something to do and a new hobby is always worth a try
Check out “not on the highstreet”
A beautiful lacy lightweight scarf/stole/throw in a lovely pastel colour, so useful for during out summers when you might need a little warmth of an evening.
How about a hamper full of goodies that’s what we did for my mil birthday tomorrow
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