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MWG14 | 14:34 Sun 22nd Mar 2020 | Shopping
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Aptimil baby formula being sold on eBay for £310.00 when it is normally priced at £11.00. Absolutely criminal.

I would like to see the Black Marketeers behind bars.


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Just as it was in the last war. This situation brings out the best and the worst in people.
Report it. Ebay keeps posting messages to members that it will not tolerate profiteering re Covid
Just looked on ebay ,£10 plus £3.95 Postage.By many sellers.
Just checked e-bay and all the prices quoted seem reasonable for the amounts offered.Could noy find any priced at £310/;_nkw=aptimil&_sacat=0
I think Ebay and other seller site will need to strictly monitor whats being uploaded for sale.
Sky not yet falling.

More news later.
I don't know about this particular story, but many similar ones originate on Facebook and should be completely ignored!
Well, I think there are a group of Ebayers that are trying to destroy the profiteers, as there are numerous ridiculous bids on many of the baby products. This is the best yet....£65,900 for Aptimil ebay item 283821574506 It has to be said that these sellers are the lowest of the low really.
you can put what price you like on stuff on ebay....whatever you are looking for there will be people who have it up way over priced.....the way to see what is really happening is to check sold prices.
No one need buy. Were it not offered it couldn't be bought anyway. Let them get stuck with baby formula they can't use.
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If the advert is no longer there, it must have been pulled by eBay.
evilninja's solution is the best - eBay will then pull it, or if it concludes they will not pursue non-payment claims.

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Black Marketing

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