Oh They've Closed What A Pain.

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ladybirder | 13:53 Mon 02nd Mar 2020 | Shopping
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I found this site so useful for getting the best prices and now they've closed. Something else for me to moan about:-)
Did anyone here used to use them?


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this one of any help? x
16:45 Mon 02nd Mar 2020
Ive used it on occasion.
I've looked at it on occasions, can't say I actually used it.
Yes it seemed unavailable last time I followed the Google link to them.
I've used it in the past. I've found it quite handy when I was buying bottles of alcohol at Xmas for presents .... and maybe one or two for myself :)
I could nearly always guarantee that one of the supermarkets would have an offer on ...... now what am I meant to do .... apart from visit all the supermarkets individually??
Feeling slightly traumatised here .... okay, slight exaggeration, but I'm a bit upset at it closing, as it did come in handy every now and again :)
this one of any help? x
I had an email from them a few days ago, announcing they were shutting down...seemed like rather short notice.
I used it all the time. I set up alerts to let me know when my favourite branded goods were on offer, and where. I shall miss it, it has saved me a few bob over the years
alba, that link doesn't work for me
alba - so how is that site suppose to work ?
I put a product in - it brings up a list of products

Isn't it suppose to show you the list of product and the various supermarket selling them , on the same page ?
barry, I don't think you're missing anything. I've just tried searching for lurpack butter (out of curiosity) and the first page of answers showed lots of different things instead of lurpack blooming butter.
I mean, Montezuma's Peanut Butter Nut Truffles is similar? :-))) x
Baz, don't shoot the messenger lol
I only searched for comparison supermarket, purely on the thought of if one doors closes, etc, etc.
I think that is a website to be avoided due to lack of blooming help.
I've used that site hundreds of times to answer questions from ABers such as "Where can I buy so-and-so?". I'll now have one less tool in my research armoury to find answers :(
alba...perhaps if you used the correct spelling (Lurpak) you may find it did for me!
I've used it quite often, but I doubt they made much money from my activities.
thanks ginge, at least it works, some web-sites aren't quite as robust in their spelling specifications as others which can make for some lazy keybored strokes :-)

alba....yes, a decent site would have said "did you mean Lurpak?", when it's obvious you did!
a mate mentioned to me that they use this app and find it useful


I don't know a thing about apps on phones so hope I've C&P'd that properly :D
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Alba thank you for your link. Tried it with Yorkshire Tea Bags. I got lots of different prices but then I had to click on each separate link to find out which supermarket was selling at that particular price. It was Iceland BTW with the best price. So it would be a pain to do that with every item in your order, would take all day, but for the odd one or two it would be OK.
I shall bear it in mind though.

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Oh They've Closed What A Pain.

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