Import Tax For Sending From Japan To Uk

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newbie99 | 11:57 Sun 01st Mar 2020 | Shopping
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Hi does anyone know how I could find out how much for tax to import an electrical appliance from Japan?


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What is the value of appliance?
2 questions you should consider first:

1. is it our voltage

2. more importantly how safe is it - it won't have the ce mark
HM customs and excise website might have an answer - have a look
//2. more importantly how safe is it - it won't have the ce mark//

The EU and Japan entered into an Economic Partnership Agreement a year ago. Whilst I have not read it I imagine it will contain some clauses on standards for such goods.
My son had to pay import tax on a Christmas Present he bought from the USA. However, as he bought it through a well known site, they reimbursed him the full amount. Not at all sure of the rules.
The easy way to find out is to try it.
Low value tends not to attract charges, others might.
Or get someone to buy it for you as a gift and send it on. Sometimes parcels declare that situation.
Start by calculating the Customs Duty. If the value of your package (including what you paid for shipping) is less than £135, there's no duty to pay. Otherwise you need to go here
select the relevant type of goods and look under 'Third country duty' to find the percentage rate that applies.

In the unlikely circumstance of your appliance (together with its associated shipping cost) being worth less than £15, there's no VAT to pay. Otherwise you need to add together the cost of the appliance, the cost of shipping and and Customs Duty you've calculated from my first paragraph. Then calculate 20% of the total as the amount of VAT to be paid.

If (as would seem to be extremely unlikely) your figures from both of the above paragraphs are zero, there's no customs examination fee to pay. Otherwise it's a flat fee of £12.

Add together the figures from each of the three paragraphs above to arrive at the total you will need to pay.

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Import Tax For Sending From Japan To Uk

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