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pumpjack | 08:24 Wed 05th Feb 2020 | Shopping
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need a coffee maker that makes a full cup of coffee, not expresso
on a budget from 30-60 pounds
not complicated to work



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We've had a Dolce Gusto for a dozen years or so. It takes pods, which come in a dozen varieties, and it makes coffee which suits us temperature and taste wise. Just recently it's hiccupped a couple of times so I've looked into replacing it (with the same) and discovered the current cost is about £30 upwards, depending on the particular model .
If it's simple to work that you want, they don't come simpler than an AeroPress....and owners rave about them.
it will sort of depend on how you drink your coffee and what things you are willing to buy. Do you want to use beans, ground coffee or pods? Pods are good but expensive if you drink a lot of coffee. ground coffee is good if you want to make a whole pot to drink over a few hours, rather than just a one off cup as are beans. If you just want one cup at a time, instant, coffee bags or pods are best
Forget about any sort of home coffee-maker, just buy some Nescafé Azera instant coffee - the best coffee I have ever tasted outside a café.

There are three varieties, Americano, Espresso and Intenso, and I'd recommend the Espresso. It's quite expensive at around £5.50, but is very often on offer at Tesco and other supermarkets for £3 or under - go on, try it!*GHS+-+Grocery+-+New*PX+%7C+Shopping+GSC+%7C+All+Products+%2B+Tesco+Brand*New:+F%26D:+Drinks:+Drinks*PRODUCT_GROUP286580502*&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_-bgv7K65wIVSLTtCh3hrApYEAQYASABEgKulPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
I looked into buying one some months back, decided that the cost of machine, all the fuss to make not worth the hassle, settled for a cafeteria, cost for a small one, around £5, choose any ground coffee, strength from 2-5, can't beat it.
^^I'm impressed that you bought a cafeteria...!
pumpjack, if you're still choosing - do you want to be involved in the process or "just push the button-coffee is ready -now drink"?
Unfortunately, electric coffee makers I've tried under 60£ were cheapish and from my experience can easily break down.
Some guys I know prefer nespresso machines (bednobs mentioned them), but either you love them or hate them. Personally I don't really like dealing with pods afterwards. But that maybe an option if you like instant coffee with milk as it's basically "press one to win".
So no really help here, but maybe you'll find this useful:

As for me, I love making coffee at home so I use a French press and moka pot. Nothing tricky about the process, and you just choose the ratio.

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