How Do I Request A Refund Effectively?

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carlcarlcarl | 12:47 Thu 01st Aug 2019 | Shopping
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I ordered a computer part from a private company in the UK and I needed to post it to my sister's office abroad VERY urgentlu before their server goes irreparably caput. First, the UK company sent me the part with no name on it so I couldn't collect it from the post office where I sent it first. Then I finally got it and sent it to my sister. Her IT guy said it was the wrong part. She sent it back to me. I ask them to replace it with the right part, they sent me the wrong one AGAIN. I ask them to replace that, they did, and my sister's IT guy confirmed from the photograph that it was right. Only then I sent it to her.
The problem is, it took us almost five months to receive what we expected and the postage and customs charges were £130, almost as much as the part (£150). Now I want the wretched people to refund me that postage as minimum, I'd love to get more if I could after all the meltdowns I've had because of their stupidity. I collected all the receipts to show them. Is there a way of doing it properly, like with a deadline and saying what happens if they don't refund it? I got to know these sleazy *** - I asked them politely if they could pay it back and got no reply, they'll do their best to avoid it. Could I get advice from somewhere or complain, also? I'll do my best to teach them a bloody good lesson, they shouldn't be going on like that. Thank you!!!


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Might be better asking in the law forum.

I can imagine they'd try to say their terms and conditions don't offer to cover postage for things they messed up. And if you don't get a response you need something more than complaint letters.
What postage do you want refunding? You need to give much more information.
Are you in the UK?
it's no concern of theirs hat you do with it once recieved. You may get cost refunded for the postage of returning the wrong parts to them though

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How Do I Request A Refund Effectively?

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