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Barmaid | 14:33 Wed 15th May 2019 | Shopping
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I am thinking of wearing this to my wedding evening do

(I think after around 8 hours being trussed up in Chantilly lace and satin, I'll be wanting to kick back a bit).

It needs a petticoat. I need shoes. Dont need a bag.

What colour do you think I can put with it?

White? Red? Lavender? Purple? I'm quite taken with the idea of a deep purple as a contrast since a) that's a significant part of the colour scheme for the wedding and b) I've got a stunning set of deep purple amethysts I can wear with it but not sure purple will work.

Ladies (and gents) - your views, please!


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Definitely something on the lilac/lavender/violet spectrum....I agree that purple, itself, may be a bit too bold.

That's a lovely dress. :o)
I really like the dress as well.
for crinoline petticoats go to pinup dresses online very good
I'd try and match the shoes with the dark purple in the dress. Your feet are far enough away from the hem so as not to clash.
I’d go for something close to the shade of purple that is in the dress

I like it too
Question Author
Thank you!

I'm thinking lilac/lavendar now. I can still get away with the amethysts though (although if necessary I do have a pale set too).

I thought it was really nice (particularly for the price). Much better than my first choice which made me look like a piano player in a bordello house. Mr BM quite liked the first one; I explained my father would be present and I didnt want disinheriting and promptly returned it.
lovely dress ,I would go with pink shoes new look do some lovely high heels x
Beautiful dress, I also agree with a purple tone, a dusty shade rather than deep.
Pics or the evening didn't happen.
(I also like the dress)
its wonderful.....purple shoes would look luscious but I'd be a bit cautious with the petticoat colour. It looks as though the fabric would allow the colour to be seen through the skirts of the dress and would therefore affect the background colour of the dress
I would go with the dusty pink in the dress, but I think you are hankering for a darker colour, lovely dress ,;*)
I think pink would work best too, much as I prefer purple... I also think, quite rightly, you will go for the purple in any case because you want to :-) x
Beautiful dress. My first thought was for bright pink shoes, but you sound like you're heading towards purple. You’ll look stunning whatever colour the shoes are.
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Woof - the dress is actually quite a heavy cotton with a sort of sheen on it. I tried it on with a red petticoat and there was no "grinning". I'm thinking I might go with a lilac/lavendar petticoat. Not sure why I'm worried about shoes because I've no doubt I shall lose them by about 9.30pm.

Jim - what goes on at the wedding stays at the wedding ;)

Anne - I think you got me! lol

Thanks all - glad the consensus is the dress is nice, which actually means a lot. Does make me feel a little glam!
Pink shoes!!
Heck, I'd get that dress it's that nice :)
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Lol, Pixie and Clover. I'm trying VERY hard to be sensible.

We kind of "fell" into purple as a colour scheme and I've decided that from a colour I really wasnt keen on - I love it. Mind you, I did have about 200m of purple organza delivered yesterday so just as well really.

I think my inspiration is "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple".

But I shall be sensible - a purple petticoat wont work, it is TOO bold. So now I am thinking "pink".

What about "hot pink"?! LOL (That is the accent colour I am using in the flowers).
Yes, hot pink.

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