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Barmaid | 14:33 Wed 15th May 2019 | Shopping
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I am thinking of wearing this to my wedding evening do

(I think after around 8 hours being trussed up in Chantilly lace and satin, I'll be wanting to kick back a bit).

It needs a petticoat. I need shoes. Dont need a bag.

What colour do you think I can put with it?

White? Red? Lavender? Purple? I'm quite taken with the idea of a deep purple as a contrast since a) that's a significant part of the colour scheme for the wedding and b) I've got a stunning set of deep purple amethysts I can wear with it but not sure purple will work.

Ladies (and gents) - your views, please!


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Jim!!!!!! *Chortlesplutters*
Beautiful dress and elegant shoes as suggested by 237SJ
Now, that is Mrs sqad's comments.

Mine.....nah! blouse and skirt, little silk knickers and a half cup bra...the is a name for them which I have forgotten.
Balconette bra.........just remembered.
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lol Sqad, you never disappoint. However, I am with Mrs Sqad on this one.

It will be a pretty dress, elegant shoes and underwear is for the Groom's eyes only.
What sort of shoes are you looking for - court, sandals, narrow heel, wider heel? By the way, I bought some new work shoes and they pinched a bit at the side by the little toe. I heard all the tips about putting a potato in them (!) damp newspaper etc but the one that worked was putting a hairdryer on them for 30 secs then manipulating the inside and it worked - they are a bit wider now.
I rarely see a dress that I fall in love with but that is beautiful, beautiful I almost feel like proposing to Dave....almost I said!...... ;-)
Given your proximity to Essex, I’d have thought that the obvious ensemble from the thighs down would be bare legs, Bisto tan and white stilettos ...

SD xx
Love the dress. So pretty! Pink or purple shoes would suit.
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237 heeled closed toe court shoes. The Carvela ones are not available in half sizes (realistically I think a 6.5 is best). So I have found a pair of wide fit cerise pink stilettos which I shall try and if not, return.

If they dont work, I shall get a pair of cream satin ones and a lady near here dyes shoes to the colour of your choice!

Gness and Dave, I wish you every happiness!!! pmsl

And thank you Patsy.
“Given your proximity to Essex, I’d have thought that the obvious ensemble from the thighs down would be bare legs, Bisto tan and white stilettos ... ”.
Oi! ;)

I think deep purple. It’s a beautiful dress.
Such a beautiful dress Barmaid, any of the accent colours will work stupendously with it and your amethysts will look stunning. Shoes, purple, pink- whatever, just compliment the accents of the dress. It looks fab x
Want me to give him a slap for you, Rocky?... ;-)
I always think of you as a rather more sophisticated “South Hertfordshire” sort of gal, Rocky :+)
Creep.... :-)
I think any of the colours mentioned above would be wonderful with that dress, I know, for all your thinking of it, your family and guests and Mr BM of course will be wowed by how you bring out the best from the dress no one will be minding your feet so much - just be sure you are comfortable whatever shoe and colour you choose, wear the amethysts, you'll regret it if you don't. Best of luck on your big day and may ye enjoy a long and happy married life with not a cross word between ye ;) xx
Late to the party but love it, agree with the cerise hot pink approach but mid tone violet is a close second.
Sqad, a balconette is for the wedding night, keep on the stockings
I think that will work well BM. :o}
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Thank you all for your help and your lovely comments. It has been very helpful because I think I am set on cerise now. I have ordered cerise shoes and a cerise petticoat - but just in case I have ordered a lavendar/pale purple petticoat and some similar shoes. I shall try both and see which I like best.

As for the wedding night, realistically I reckon we will collapse into bed around 2am ever so slightly tiddled and then snore.

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