Where Can I Buy Ghee

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spathiphyllum | 10:30 Wed 02nd Jan 2019 | Shopping
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Ghee indian clarified butter

Any supermarkets?


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Tesco in the foreign food bit
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awesome :D gracias
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reckon they do Fenugreek leaves and garam masala also?
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"Make your own dead easy "

gosh i can't be bothered, i want to make my own butter chicken instead of getting a prick and ping that's just a step too far ;)
Garam masala -yes, but only ground fenugreek.
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I think i am after the ground stuff, brill, cheers all.
Even easier. Chuck in pan, skim, carry on heating for a bit longer, and there it is.
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if you wish to make something from scratch, first you must invent the universe
All decent size supermarkets stock ghee.

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Where Can I Buy Ghee

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