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sherby | 21:01 Wed 09th Nov 2005 | Shopping & Style
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Does anyone actually ever use the free bags and tops they get in magazines (eg, this fortnight's More)? Or are they just a bit naff?


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i used a lovely pink and red canvas bag from company mag a while back, and glamour often do gorgeous clutch bags, but the one in more i chucked, and the top with new woman was a fire risk!!

I would recommend getting glamour if you see it with a free gift, as they are truly fab!!

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Ooh, yeh,Glamours a good one. I love the clutch in the recent issue. But the More one does deserve a chucking. It feels like a beach ball!
But so often free gifts are just rubbish. One time there was a mag with a free "Stylish" sarong, that was just a square bit of polyester. with a crappy matching bag.

company had a bikini and skirt in 2 issues, and they were so small, and a bit flimsy yuck!

but i also had a sarong, cant remember what mag, and it was black and tassley, it was really lovely, but then i had a pink one from new woman (i think it matched a bag too) and it was horrid!!

I give them to my 7 year old daughter, who loves them!
I think the free gifts always look a bit cheap, esp. the bags which are always made with that strange plastic-y material. I do use some of the free bags for foodshopping though.

I used a green and purple bag from Company for my 6th form college because my normal back had split and i was amazed at the amount of compliments i got and i lost count of the amount of people who asked where they could get one! Usually the tops/sarongs and things like that are a bit naff, you have to be about a size 6 to fit into them!!

I dont really go for the free gifts on mags to be honest!! As i always assume people will know it was a free gift on a magazine!! The best things i have had off a mag tho was a stripey beach bag a few years ago that i would actually use!! And some sunglasses on Marie claire mag a few months back they really suited my face...until they broke :**(

I always used to think these 'freebies' were useless items until I bought 'Red' magazine. Their items are usually worth having, one canvas bag for example was ideal for carrying my lunch to work everyday, until I was stopped in a designer store and asked where I had got my Neisha Crossman bag - after a long conversation I discovered that it was worth quite a bit as you can't get her designs in the shops! Hence I no longer use it for work!
Yeah I use free stuff from magazines! Why not, eh? its free! I got this free strap vest once but its way too big, so check what size it fits first (if its clothing). But I've had lots of free flip flops and stuff from magazines. They do the job, anywho!

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Magazines- Free bags and tops

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