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DeeLicious | 11:27 Fri 16th Nov 2018 | Shopping
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where can I find one of those devices that takes the little bits of soap you have left and crush them into a new bar? Links would be good please


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. people still use bar soap these days?
That one's out of stock, Wolfie, and I can't find anything similar.

However all you need to do is to press the remains of an old bar into a new one, as here:
Or put the bits in a bit of net or the foot off a pair of tights. Use it like a regular bar of soap.
But hey! Soap is so cheap.
With supermarket " Value" soap at 15 p a bar is it worth the hassle? I just put the small soap scraps in the washing machine , saves some washing powder.
This seems a sensible question and yes, people still use tablet soap.

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Soap Crusher

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