What MP3 player should I buy?

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MrPahoehoe | 23:26 Sun 06th Nov 2005 | Shopping & Style
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I fancy buying an mp3 player, but don't know what to get. I've always liked the i-pod nano, but they are fairly pricey and i've started to hear a few things that I don't like the sound of (e.g. I'm a pc user and would have to convert all my current mp3s before uploading them, dodgy screen, etc?).

But all the alternatives seem like a step down or appear to have flaws of their own.

I fancy one with a capacity of somewhere between 3-10gb, but size is probably more important than capacity: the smaller the better.

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Thanks for your time!


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Stick to cd players. They are just better.

I've heard good things about Creative Zens, I bought a Creative Zen Micro and although I've had problems with it, the larger models seem to be very reliable.

According to BBC's watchdog the Apple i-Pods are full of faults and their customer services are worse than useless.

I'd opt for something else if I were you.

I bought a Creative Zen 60Gig Jukebox a couple of years ago, because I had concerns about the iPod.

Excellent piece of kit - great sound, good battery life and easy to use. Oh and I have never had any problems with it.

It is probably too large for what you are looking for, but as a brand, I can highly recommend Creative Labs.

myself i've got a "rio carbon" great machine, had it a while no probs, 6 gb hard drive, and after a survey at work of people with different players, the rio sounds the best, which is the point not what it looks like(little dig the ipod)

I've had a Creative Zen Micro since March and I've had so much trouble with it!

However, I have heard that the larger models, such as the Creative Zen, are much better than the Micro version.

I've had my creative zen jukebox for just on a year, use it virtually every day and I've not had an ounce of trouble from it even when I dropped onto concrete from 6 feet up. Good sound, easy to use, good battery life but may be too big for you if size matters to you that much.
get an ipod any day of the week

I can't see past the iriver stuff -- not as trendy as the ipods but cheaper and, in my opinion, better.

I can heartily recommend the larger Creative Zen mp3 players. I bought a 40gb model nearly two years ago. File transfer is easy. Sound quality is excellent as is the battery life. The Zen Sleek Touch seems also to get good reviews

I really like the Creative range. I've got a Muvo N200, and although it's only 512mb, I've had no problems with it and the sound quality is better than the Shuffle, which it competes against. AND it's got a radio. I have friends with larger Creative players who also rave about them.

A new alternative which another friend has just bought (but which I have yet to see and hear) is the Sony A1000. It's a 6GB machine and has a gorgeous floating display. Certainly, from the Sony site, and the press I've read, it does look great.

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