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MWG14 | 10:37 Thu 14th Jun 2018 | Shopping
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I have had my first negative experience on eBay in 12yrs with 2 paperbacks ordered from one particular seller.

The first, advertised in 'as new' condition arrived in a tatty condition with tears on one page and a hole right in the middle of another. I e-mailed the seller and was sent a replacement which was only in a slightly better state than the first.

The second book did not arrive at all despite sending two e-mails to the seller. In the end, I contacted eBay who dealt with the problem. I have received a refund via PayPal.

I have tried to leave feedback but can't. Is it not possible to leave it once the case is closed?


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dunno but I would put it down and let it go.
No idea, but I know it's time limited. If a rogue seller keeps delaying with promises etc. you can find you're too late when you finally run out of patience. Has happened to me. Doesn't pay to be trusting, or give the benefit of the doubt.
If the case has been closed it is as though the transaction never happened.So you can't leave feedback.
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OK thanks.
eBay would probably be the last place I'd look to find reliable booksellers anyway. AbeBooks is far better:
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Thanks, I'll have a look there.
Amazon are getting pretty good too.
^^^ AbeBooks is actually part of Amazon these days anyway, so some books on offer are listed on both sites (depending on the options selected by their sellers). However AbeBoooks remains the specialist site for serious booklovers.
gosh Chris I didn't know that!

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