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lankeela | 18:20 Thu 26th Apr 2018 | Shopping
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I've been asked by a friend to sell two dolls for her, but no idea where is the best place. Are there places you can take them - not sure how ebay etc works.


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I have always thought they looked dead
18:41 Thu 26th Apr 2018
To sell something on ebay you obviously sign up!

You then create your listing, upload your own photo of the item or use the supplied generic images. In your case you should use tour own image(s).

You then decide whether to set a price for it (buy it now) or set a starting price so that people can bid on it. You can also set a reserve so that if nobody bids at the reserve price or above then it doesn't sell.

You need to decide whether you are including the cost of post and packaging in the selling price, or adding p&p to the selling cost.

If you setup a Paypal account you can get instant payment.

Look out for days when ebay have no listing fees otherwise you will be charged a listing fee.

You will also have a final value fee, and a fee from Paypal for accepting credit card payments - but you could factor these into the selling cost!
ebay is probably your best bet for making the most money, not that they seem to actually sell for a lot. Any dealer will expect to buy it at a dealers price
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Don't think I can be arsed to do all that - would rather take a lower amount and be shot of them. She has no idea what they are worth but I have been looking them up and was gobsmacked - ugly little bl**ders!
I have always thought they looked dead
I think that they are very creepy looking. Best of luck if you decide to use eBay.

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Ashton Drake Dolls

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