Looking For The Name Of A Perfume From The 80's???

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glenis | 12:28 Sat 12th Aug 2017 | Shopping
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can any one help with this-I think it was called meadowsong or something and smelled like freshly mowed grass really fresh .I recall it wasn't an expensive brand and would love to track down a bottle on ebay


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Body shop maybe ?
I had that, it was lovely. Meadowsweet made by Goya.
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thanks but not body shop but in that price range yardley perhaps -not sure
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thank you all xxx
it was Meadowsong. From the same stable as Aqua Manda. It was my signature perfume then.
This is the one I was thinking of which may not be the correct one
prudie if you look at the other photos, that is mistitled, its actually meadowsong
LOL so it is! Must be Meadowsong then
this has reminded me of other popular cheapie perfumes of my youth no longer available, apart from this and Aqua Manda I also loved Woodhue (Faberge?), Canoe by Dana, bit later everyone was wearing Charlie although I didn't like it. Then Anais Anais was all the rage.
Charlie smelt like pond water on me. I still love Anais Anais, also Lou Lou but they are more in your face that I would wear Poison
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Looking For The Name Of A Perfume From The 80's???

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