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jennyjoan | 23:56 Mon 29th May 2017 | Shopping
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In her room of her dwelling (care) older lady showing her friend her new jumper. Pink with criss cross straps.

Anyway the jumper looked lovely and I would like to buy it. Thanks for any help.


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I can't help you with the jumper but I do love Mary and Marina - they are wonderful.
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Hi Mamy - do keep looking as you are a pretty good sleuth LOL
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Also Mary the thin lady is a beautiful singer - better than shLt you see on these stupid talent shows.
I'll do my best , I want the Cardigan from the Lenor advert but they say it was made specially.
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if you are a knitter could you do it without a pattern cos I can crochet without a pattern. So easy.
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come to think of it I could crochet my pink jumper but with only arm at the mo would take me ages and the style would go right out.
I was a knitter but not now with my partial sight.
Night JJ x
Sorry JJ, had another look round but no joy. May have been an independent store in Bristol.

Hope someone finds it for you.
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ah thanks Mamy - not to worry - as if I don't have enough tops - and many I haven't worn once even. just got carried away. ta again.
I'm the same xx
:-) x

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Gogglebox Jumper

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