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Bazile | 17:04 Mon 20th Mar 2017 | Shopping
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Anyone got a monthly subscription to Which Magazine ?

Is it worth the £ 10.75/month , in your opinion ?


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Yes I do and have done for 5years so Imo it's well worth it. By subscribing you have full access to Which online services and reviews plus a hard copy magazine posted to you every month. I've used it for a washing machine chromebook mobile phone steam iron to name but a few.
If you're an impecunious old skinflint (like me), it's worth noting that many public libraries subscribe to 'Which?', so you read it for free.

Many, many years ago ("when I were but a lad") my father subscribed to it but he eventually decided that there was only about one issue per year which actually reviewed anything he was thinking of buying. So he cancelled his subscription.

These days, with new models of TVs, mobile phones, etc, coming out in rapid succession, even a product comparison which is a few months old might be out of date (and they can't review every type of product every month), so the relevance of some of their reviews rapidly diminishes. Further, there are loads of websites which can provide the same sort of information anyway.
I read it online at the library, too. Hurrah! for public libraries.
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I am thinking of buying double glazing and wanted to see which companies they recommended .

I'm sure i was able to look at their recommendations , without subscribing , in the not too distant past .
It appears they have stopped that access ( unless i'm looking in the wrong place )
I used to subscribe in the 60's and 70's until I realised that manufacturers had started making more versions of an appliance, more frequently, as well as "specials" for Curry's, Comet etc, making it very difficult do do comparisons. Nowadays I read "real" people's reviews in Amazon and choose from there.
The Net access may be worthwhile. But that stated, there are review dites already on the Net that require no subscription.

I used to subscribe to Which decades ago but found the chances of them doing a review on something at the same time I was looking to purchase it, was too rare. I'd read a lot about things I'd no intention of buying anytime soon and things I wanted to buy had only old reviews, which I figured must be out of date. So I gave up when money became tight.
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I hear what your'e saying about the pace of technology .
However if a product is good - then that same product isn't suddenly going to become bad - is it ?

Plus people buy things when they need them , so by default will choose what's out there at that particular time
SITES !!!!!
Like I typed >:-(
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janzman - would you mind checking to see if the Double Glazing firm Finesse Windows , in Birmingham, B30 3HP is recommended by
Which ?
Which? is unlikely to review local traders and I have a loathing of the national double glazing companies.

I use a small, local company that doesn't have a sooper dooper showroom or flash salesmen - they have a small area attached to the very large workshop for display purposes.

You need to do your research - talk to people who have recently had double glazing fitted, visit local tradesmen, get quotes.
The 'Trusted Traders' website is actually run by 'Which?' magazine (or, more accurately, by their parent body, the Consumers' Association).

Finesse Windows has been awarded a 'Trusted Traders' mark by them, with 91 customer reviews to fall back on:
If you Google FENSA you get a list of local accredited firms who are audited by this Trade Association. You need one that has a factory type address and not a dwelling house address. Unless you live in the sticks there will be a competent firm near you that makes and installs the units using their own labour, which is handy in case of problems.
What you don't want is to be dealing with an expensive outfit with an office in the next County, sub contract fitters who arrive in a plain white van and only have mobile phone numbers......
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crikey - not a single bad review , out of the 91 customer reviews .

Normally , people tend to write reviews , when they are not impressed with a service.
This firm was actually recommended by a work colleague.

By the way - thanks all for your input

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