Who Is Responsible For Noisy Fridge/freezer

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jamesnan | 16:22 Tue 11th Oct 2016 | Shopping
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My sister has recently purchased a new fridge/freezer from a catalogue company, and within hours of switching it on it started making a loud noise. She contacted the manufacturers after the catalogue company did not reply to her email, and an engineer was sent out to look at it. He didn't manage to stop the noise and arranged to come back today to replace something to stop the noise. Within minutes of him leaving the noise started up again, and the catalogue company is still not answering emails. Ideally she would like the equipment replaced but does not know who is actually responsible for doing this, the seller or the manufacturer?


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The retailer is responsible.
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Legally your contract is with the retailer. If the manufacturer wishes to get involved I guess you could let them try and see what they can do.

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Who Is Responsible For Noisy Fridge/freezer

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