Tin Holding Sugar And Tea At Opposite Ends

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lacmag3 | 20:02 Tue 01st Dec 2015 | Shopping
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I'm trying to find a small tin container, used to store two dry products e.g. tea and sugar, with the tea in one half and, turn it upside down, the sugar in the other. I haven't seen them in years. Has anyone seen one on sale?


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Do you mean this sort of thing?
20:09 Tue 01st Dec 2015
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Thanks Buenchico, that's it exactly. I tried marking yours as the best answer but all I get is a blank screen with lots of hieroglyphics.
Not a great help I know but: I didn't realise you could get those one thing one end, and another thig the other containers.

Not that they appeal to me. Not so long ago I spotted a LoSalt salt cellar for the table, and I had been looking for one as I tend to use it (being a salt lover) and it'd be nice to have it labelled appropriately and revert the other salt seller I have to hold normal salt. But when it came it was not only plastic :-( the switch on the side wasn't just decoration, it worked to open one end or the other !

One was expected to put LoSalt in one end and pepper in the other. Most disappointing. I filled both ends with LoSalt but I can't see the point of the novelty switch/split myself. Why they couldn't put their "ad" on the side of a proper ceramic one, I do not know.
... another THING ...
My dad had one of these - I filled it up every night for him for next day's work. Tea at the top and sugar at the bottom but it WAS a tin thing.

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Tin Holding Sugar And Tea At Opposite Ends

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