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PringlesQueen | 21:46 Sun 18th Sep 2005 | Shopping
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Does anybody know where I can purchase Cleopatra soap from? I think it was made by Palmolive. It was in blue and gold wrapping and cost about 70p ten or so years ago.


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I've checked the product list at and there's nothing relevant listed there. (Either you've got the wrong manufacturer or the product has been discontinued).

If you feel like treating yourself (�4.40 per bar!) you might want to check this out:
"Cleopatra Soap (Minimum Weight 70g)
Made with goats milk, honey and wheatgerm oil, this nourishing soap makes your skin feel silky smooth with the antioxidant properties of honey"
It's to be found at


I can't see where they stock it but here's a photo for a bit of nostalgia!

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Thanks guys.
Won't be happy until I get a bar in my sticky mitts though :o)


I am also looking for this product, I have contacted Palmolive and awaiting a reply. I last bought a bulk of this soap in Greece 3 yrs ago .

I have bought this from shop that sells an afro caribbean hair items in London when I have visited. The shop was called PAK and was near the finsbury park tube station.
I have a packet of this at home and I don't want to use it till I get some more !!!! I've been buying it in Rhodes Greece for the last three years and I also got some in a little corner shop in Paris in August. It's made by Colgate Palmolive . Hope this helps.

I am looking for Cleopatra soap as well, and so far, only my mother who lives in France has been successful. So Im probably going to have to ask her to buy me the soap and post it to me.

Just out of curiosity, why are you looking for that particular soap? Im looking for it because I wand a soap which doesn't contain chemicals that are harmful to us, i.e. Parabens which most soaps contain and participate into the development of cancer. See the following greenpeace website to see the list of recommended brands: hemicalhouse.cfm

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A kindrid spirit Isabellesene!
Sadly though I loved this soap because it smelt wonderful and had a creamy lather, which I have never been able to replicate with another brand of soap.
Thanks for the tip of being able to purchase in France - I shall frantically start plugging away on the old search engines a little further afield than the UK.
I was not aware that the soap had the added advantage of being better for us than other soaps. Thanks for that.
I know exxxxxactly the soap that you mean. I used Cleopatra soap when I lived in Japan in mid to late 90's and haven't been able to forget it. It was so creamy and smelled like heaven! I searched for it a few times here in Canada and online but haven't so much as found a reference to it until now. Please tell me you were able to locate a distributor and that it is still available!
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Sorry mmck, but I have been unable to find it anywhere.
Colgate have told me they sold Cleoptra soap on to a French company called Cadum.
Have desperately been hammering the old search engines in France, but have still not found it.
At this rate, I am going to have to book a cheap away day to France and hunt for it in person!
Maybe I should place a bounty on a bar...........somebody is bound to find some for me then.....!
I have just returned from holiday in Morocco, with two bars of Cleopatra Soap. I found them in a perfume shop in Rabat in the Boulevard Hassan II. The old packaging has been replaced by one featuring lots more gold and looking more modern. I don't know if this is still being produced. Please contact meon for more information if you are interested. See ya for now.
i know what you mean! my stepmum was in greece and brought back the bar of soap and a shower cream! and i love it! i'm near the bottom of the bottle and have desperately lookin for it, i have searched this entire internet for the products! i might just have to go to greece or france!
I have been desperate to find Cleopatra bar soap as well. It has been years since I've had some and have been searching all over the place for it in NYC, Spain, California, and people look at me as if I am crazy because they never heard of this soap. I do not remember who the manufacturer was. All i know is that it came in a shiny gold and purple wrapper and it had a depiction of Cleopatra in the center of the label. The smell and lather were very luxurious, and I remember the cost was not very expensive at all. My dear friend used to go to London frequently and I would have him purchase it for me. He said at the time, in the late 90's that you were able to buy it in drug stores in London, that it was common. However, when I do internet searches I never find what I'm looking for. If ANYONE knows what happened to this soap, where it can be purchased or any information at all that is helpful to leading me to purchase more of it, I will be forever greatful for you to email me and let me know anything you might know!
yes email me ...we can get it from egypt!
Im looking for the same soap - please anyone if you have had luck on getting the cleopatra soap and know of where I can buy it form can you pease let me know.
Hey guys when i was in Greece this summer i bought a four pack from a supermarket in Tolo which is in the Pelopennese. It was 6 euros for four bars and im still using one now..... Its such ashame few places dont sell it - its great.......
I have been trying to find Cleopatra soap for ages. I first
tried in the 80's when I bought it at a grocery market on
St. Bart's in the Carribean. I loved it so much I filled my
suitcase full when I came home. I subsequently found it
on St. Martin and Guadalupe in the Carrbean. Again,
at a grocery market. Cheap, cheap, cheap!!!! If any of
you find on the internet, please let me know.
The company announces that as of 1.4.2004 it undertook the distribution of soaps of CLEOPATRA. This business move is the result of the co-operation between Plias S.A. and the company CADUM S.A., owner of CLEOPATRA brand worldwide. The brand CLEOPATRA was launched for the first time in 1984 and became the No1 bar of soap brand in France. CLEOPATRA brand is the most internationally recognized product of CADUM S.A., as it is sold in Greece, Germany, France, Cyprus, Morocco, Tynisia, Algeria, Asia and Africa. CADUM S.A. activates in cosmetic soaps sector through 3 brand labels, Donge, Cleopatra and CADUM. The company is registered in France and its sales in 2003 amounted to 12.3 million euros.
hi..i'm here in the philippines..indeed Cleopatra soaps was formerly owned by fact we had an assignment last week about a case study of Colgate-Palmolive, specifically about their soap- Cleopatra... more on creating marketing strategies...

anyway Cleopatra soaps, which is owned now by Cadum, is now available here in SM City Mall worth 49 pesos equivalent to one dollar...because of my excitement about the product, i bought five Cleopatra..really love it...
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I love The Answerbank!
Some three years after posting a question I am still getting answers!
So now it has turned up in the Philippines.
I am so jealous of you neenasatine. Please enjoy them!

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