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Robinia | 09:53 Sun 08th Feb 2015 | Shopping
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Do any of you buy your wild bird food online and can you recommend a reasonably priced supplier please? I buy mine once or twice a week from a local shop and apart from the need to get out and collect it it's becoming expensive, they eat a lot, word gets around! :) It's a good seed mix and sunflower hearts I'm looking for.


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I buy sunflower hearts at Wilko when they are on special offer
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Thanks roslyn, I'll add them to my list of possibilities but there aren't any offers on at the moment and with delivery I'd be saving very little.
Did you complete th e Big Garden Birdwatch this year, Robinia. If so the RSPB shop has a discount.
Pets at home :-

Order and collect on line special price for 20kg £12 should last you for a few months, I bought last week, good mix. been using for acouple of years now. The birds seem to like it, I have to fill the feeder once a week.

Forgot to say they do deliver for £4-95 if you are unable to pick up.
This is where I buy my sunflower hearts. Been using them a number of years, good quality and free delivery.

I normally buy mixed wild bird seed at The Home and Range stores. They normally put up for sale quite large bags 'on offer' and fatballs(!) in buckets.
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Thanks very much for the suggestions, I'll compare the prices.

No Tilly, I normally do the birdwatch but I had an accident on the Saturday and didn't feel like doing anything. :(
I buy in my local Poundshop. They have a good range.
Hope you're better now, Robinia.
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I don't have a local Pound shop quizbag and I don't drive.

It's taking a long time Tilly thanks, I went flat on my face in the ice or alcohol involved! :)
Ouch! Poor you. Take it easy.
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Thanks, I'm spending a lot of time watching the birds now!
Time to set you all a challenge. beat these prices:

12.5 kg of wild bird seed for £3.99

A box of 120 fatballs (20 x 6) for £9.80

.... although, you can buy them in-store, for a single pack of 6, for 49p (same price as the multi-pack buy).

I use quite a bit of bird food as well and these are the best prices I found, so if anyone beats any of these prices, I'd appreciate it ;)
I get mine from Home Bargains - maybe not the highest quality, but my vultures (sparrows, starlings, blackies) can empty a feeded in a day!

There is also
Wilkinsons sell Fat balls for 40p
40p for a pack of 4 from Wilko's:

..... or you can get a pack of 6 from Home Bargains for 49p .... I know where my money's going :)
Not sure how prices compare, Robinia but Poundstretcher delivers free on orders over £20 I think....x
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Thanks everyone.
I managed to get to my local shops yesterday and bought enough to last me the week. Their prices are very good and I like to support them but I can see I could save money (and muscle power) by ordering online....don't know why I didn't think of it before. :)

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